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Suits - Season 2 - Q&A (Rick Hoffman,Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty & Max Topplin)

This is a bunch of interviews put together back when I visited the Suits set. 
There are interview from Rick Hoffman (who plays Louis), Meghan Markle (who plays Rachel), Sarah Rafferty (who plays Donna) and Max Topplin (who plays Harold), who speak more about the upcoming season. Enjoy!

Q:  One of the things I was curious about the first season is we had Louis and Harvey had these bets going on and we never really knew what the usual amount was?  Will we get to know what that was?
RICK:  We talked about it, Gabriel [PH] and myself.  It was big, we knew that.  There was never really an amount.  We knew it was huge.  But this year it’s the dynamic in the office is quite different so far, the first five episodes, especially what’s happening with Harvey, Louis, Mike,  I’ve said before, one key word I would say that’s makes things a bit messier this year is leverage, and that is ultimately, I think, for every character really, things get quite risky for everybody in this year and people use leverage against one another in many different ways and it might just be about a wager or it’s a little bit more than that I think.

Q:  How much are Louis and Rachel aware of what happened with Hardman before he left the firm on his extended leave of absence?
RICK:  I know Louis was fully aware.  I’m not sure, depending on how long Rachel had worked at the firm, it really has a lot to do with the history with Jessica, Harvey, mostly, and Louis has a very clear idea of who this guy is.  Um, I’m not sure…
MEGHAN:  So does Rachel.  There’s a very specific context in which Daniel Hardman left the firm and it personally affects Rachel because of something you will see.  I asked Aaron.

Q:  I love the relationship between Donna and Lewis.  Are we going to see more of that this season?
SARAH:  Definitely.  Yes.  There’s a lot of fun stuff between Donna and Lewis. They love playing with each other and, yeah, there’s even a really fun couple of webisodes. 

Q:  Donna’s so unflappable, I guess is the word to say.  Do you think there is other situations like maybe like with a new love life or something like that that we get to see a different side of her that she’s not always has the right answer and always is on top of everything. 
SARAH:  Totally.  Episode five.  She gets him wrong.  She totally gets it wrong.  And I think that’s incredibly confusing to her.  I think she’s just always been right, always dotted all, you know, dotted her t’s and crossed her I’s. [LAUGH] [b]ut she’s really, really thrown by something that happens and then I was told by one of the writers that it doesn’t really resolve for, for a few episodes, that that kind of lingering confusion and doubt and remorse are there.  You know, so that’s a great, it’s a good opportunity for that mask to kind of fall.  I mean, Donna, loves putting on different masks.  She’s an actress.  She likes role playing in that way, in an actory way, you can see that.  You get a chance to see that fall away.
Q:  That’s the wrong is right… 
SARAH:  Yeah.  Yeah.  And its weird, it was weird to read that script too because I was like, oh, there’s very few Donna putting on some Donna face, whatever kind of like the sassy secretary thing or whatever.  There’s not an opportunity in this episode for that because it’s just, it’s just stripped down, you know.  It’s really exciting.

Q: [Y]ou were starting to tell us about all the stuff that he's going to be getting into this season? 
MAX: So like they were shooting a scene with me doing pirouettes and uh and all sorts of you know ridiculous things... let's see like for instance uh I mean ordeals with cats he might be allergic, I'm not saying anything.  Uh what else again dancing we were just doing dancing.  Last episode I mean it's always something crazy with Harold.

Q:  Is it just Louis that's going to be kicking around this season?
MAX: Mike is my confidant and friend that he can get a little aggravated with me at times just because you know I'm not moving as fast as he would like.  And then Rachel I think she feels bad for like oh I was hitting on her last episode real hard.  You know just awkward stuff.  You know making weird noises with my teeth and just like things that I wouldn't do in real life.  I catch Donna doing something and there's a fun she treats me like a little boy you know and she's kind of the mother figure I think around the office anyway.  

Q:  Do you see your character stop being this punching bag at one point?
MAX:  You know funny you should say such a thing.  One of the webisodes I get it back to Lewis. It’s a really fun, fun segment where I kind of you know say hold on a sec he gives me the leeway to do that where it's a role-playing exercise that he does with me.  And I kind of you know step up to the plate and say you know what screw you. I'm done with you as another character so not as Harold right.  So I can get out and up and do that.  But then he put me back in my place at the end of the webisode.  And hopefully a love interest you know that's what I'm hoping for.  Because he tries with every lady, he's going for it.  And we were talking earlier like Team Rachel versus Team Jenny. Harold is just Team Women.  Like he just, he doesn't care …  Come on let's go.

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