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Rookie Blue - Episode 3.09 - Out of Time - Synopsis

Thanks to Anita for the heads up.

After the officers of 15 Division are forced to release a suspected predator, the grim discovery of the body of a missing girl reopens an unsolved case – bringing back Detective Luke Callaghan in from the Homicide Squad to oversee it. When they learn that Andy has been assaulted and Gail has been abducted, the officers of 15 Division work frantically to recover one of their own.

Synopsis: The same night the officers of 15 Division are forced to release a suspected predator for lack of evidence, Andy and Gail are violently assaulted in Andy’s loft – and Gail is abducted. Detective Luke Callaghan is brought in to
oversee the case that very well may be the work of a serial murderer. Working frantically to track down Gail’s abductor before it’s too late, the officers rally – and zero in on their prime suspect. Meanwhile, the other rookies follow up on leads to similar cases in a desperate search for details that might point to Gail’s whereabouts. And when one of the officers follows up on a simple lead, it puts them directly in the path of the demented killer – forcing them to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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