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Rookie Blue - Episode 3.07 - Leap of Faith - Synopsis

Episode 307 “Leap of Faith”
Director Peter Wellington
Writer Tassie Cameron
Logline: When a gifted psychic -- or, at the very least, a gifted conman -- enters 15 Division to help find the missing witness in an organized-crime case, the officers are forced to come face-to-face with some of the hidden truths about themselves and the people they work with.
Synopsis: Nick and Oliver embarrass 15 Division when they’re surprised by a pair of gunmen and end up losing the key witness in an upcoming mob trial. With no leads, all hope seems lost for the police until a man comes in off the street with vital information about their witness’ whereabouts. The only problem: the man claims to be a psychic who simply had a vision of the missing witness. However, when the man’s information checks out, the officers are forced to take it on faith and start their search. After the psychic’s tip leads the police into a trap, they begin to suspect the man’s motives. As they discover the psychic is actually connected to the mob family, his motives are questioned.

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