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Primeval: New World - Casting News

Thanks to Simon for the following.

It looks like more STARGATE alums will be appearing in several episode of PRIMEVAL spinoff NEW WORLD, according to Gateworld.net the characters & actors are as follows:

Lexa Doig (Stargate SG-1‘s “Carolyn Lam”) plays another doctor in the two-part season finale as “Mara Fridkin,” a toxicologist who is “suddenly thrust out of her depth.”

SGU's Patrick Gilmore (“Dale Volker”) as a character named “Blake” who is described as a “local entrepreneur whose operation is invaded by a flock of Terror Birds.” He will appear in the fourth episode titled ''Angry Birds''

Sandy Sidhu (“Dr. Mehta” in Stargate Universe Season One episodes “Air, Part Three” and “Life”) will have a role in New World‘s third episode as the co-pilot of a DC-3 aircraft that runs into trouble.

Dan Payne (who has enjoyed multiple roles on both SG-1 and Atlantis, playing everything from Wraiths to Kull Warriors) appears toward the end of the season as “Major Douglas,” a member of a Special Ops team.

Eric Breker (SG-1′s “Colonel Reynolds”) also will appear in the tail end of the season as “Sergeant Macready,” another member of the Special Ops team.

Speaking of SGU actors, Louis Ferriera has been confirmed to appear in the final three episodes of Season 1 as Colonel Henderson Hall who is described as a complex man whose concern for the future of our world puts him into direct conflict with ‘Evan Cross’ (Eureka‘s Niall Matter). And Hall is not a man who likes to lose.

Niall Matter will reunite with Eureka star and Producer Colin Ferguson.

Source: gateworld