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Continuum - Episode 1.08 - Playtime - Synopsis & Cast List

Episode 108: “Playtime”
When Kiera and Carlos investigate two mysterious murder-suicides, they quickly realize that both may be the result of a lethal computer program turning video game programmers into killers.
Written by Andrea Stevens
Directed by Paul Shapiro
Rachel Nichols Kiera Cameron
Victor Webster Detective Carlos Fonnegra
Erik Knudsen Alec Sadler
Stephen Lobo Matthew Kellog
Omari Newton Lucas Ingram
Richard Harmon Julian Randol
Mike Dopud Stefan Jaworski
Tony Amendola Edouard Kagame
Cameron Park Sad Tech Exec
Evan Frayne Cole Bartley
Victor Ayala Copeland
Danny Wattley Greg Morit

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