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Defiance - Airs 2013 - Videos and Interviews

DEFIANCE: Airs April 2013

E3 Floor Report on Defiance the MMO -from G4
Jessica Chobot heads out to the Defiance booth at E3 2012 to learn more about the MMO shooter. Learn more about this game in our Defiance E3 2012 video.

Grant Bowler Interview -from G4
Defiance is an upcoming MMO with a tie-in TV series on Syfy. Jessica Chobot gets the latest from star Grant Bowler in this Defiance E3 2012 video.

The Music of Defiance -from G4
TV and gaming go hand in hand in the upcoming Defiance title, which debuts on SyFy and works as an MMO. Jessica Chobot learns more about the title's music from Trion's Nick Beliaeff in our Defiance music E3 2012 video.

World Premiere Gameplay Demo -from G4
Senior Producer Robb Hill and Morgan Webb take a close look at the alien-filled first person shooter in this world premiere hands-on Defiance E3 2012 gameplay demo video.

TV Series Interview -from G4
Defiance is a new MMO game that ties directly to a new TV show launching this year. How does it all work? SyFy's Grant Bowler and Dave Howe show Morgan Webb and Kevin Pereira how game and series interact in our Defiance E3 2012 gameplay demo video.