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The 2012 STV Favourite TV Series Competition - Begins Tomorrow

Hey guys,

I have to apologise for the long delay in getting the competition started, and unfortunately as a result of events outside of my control there isn't going to be a prediction element to the competition this year. Hopefully we may be able to get it going for the character competition in a couple of months, but for now it is just going to be you building the support and truly voting for the shows you would like to win the competition.

As a result I have compiled a spreadsheet website which (hopefully) will update when the results come through. 

The link to that website is HERE

I will also add it to the post each day so you can see the latest results, and today you can see exactly who is competing with whom and which shows your favourites could find themselves up against. Like last year, current shows can only compete with current shows until the start of round three, where all the shows from TV history can do battle for the ultimate STV title.

(to view all the shows and battles in the competition scroll down AND right... it's a big spreadsheet :P)

Can any show here stop Supernatural from making it a hat trick?

Tomorrow therefore, will see Game of Thrones vs The Big Bang Theory as well as Pushing Daisies vs. Lie To Me as the competition officially (and eventually) begins.

I hope you're all looking forward to the competition. I know I am, and in fact the lack of the prediction side to the game may add a new dimension to the competition as it eliminates people from choosing who they predicted would win rather than who they want to win.

All posts for the competition will be under the label "2012 Series Competition" for easy finding, and can be found in the "features" tab on the main menu bar from the homepage.

You can also keep up to date with the competition by following me on twitter @AdDHarris

For now, I'll see you tomorrow as we begin.