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How I Met Your Mother - Season 8 - 6 Things To Know

WEDDING BELLS WILL RING | Yes, the Barman and Robin will get hitched. And lest you think that’s a huge giveaway, “That wedding day is going to be full of enough other surprises,” Thomas reassures. As the EP previously told TVLine, it won’t be a smooth affair. “There’s going to be twists and turns built into that day,” he teases. As for when the momentous occasion will occur, he’s keeping mum because it would give away too much about the show’s endgame. “There’s a lot of fans that think that’s the end of the show – Ted meets the mother [at the wedding], and that’s the [series] finale,” he explains. However….

THE MOTHER’S DAY MAY COME SOONER THAN EXPECTED | For those hoping to meet the show’s titular momma and fall in love with her alongside Ted, Thomas is leaving the possibility for that option too. “There are people who think it could keep going, and there will be more story after [the wedding day],” he continues. For example, “What are Barney and Robin like married? What happens with that marriage?” But for the time being, Thomas says Season 8 will be about the onetime couple’s journey to “not only getting back together, but deciding to take this enormous leap.”

QUINN WILL BE BACK | Although Thomas can’t say how much or how little we’ll be seeing of Barney’s fiancĂ©e next season — perhaps they break up? — he does reveal that Newton, who stars on his and fellow HIMYM EP Carter Bays’ new Fox comedy The Goodwin Games, will appear in the first episode back, which picks up on the same day as the finale. “There’s a lot of great stories to tell just in that one day,” he says. “Episode 2 will leap ahead to September, and we’ll see where everybody is four months later.”

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