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Game of Thrones - Season 3 - Casting: Roles, Rumors and Speculation *UPDATED* (08/30)

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With Season 3 casting underway I thought I would create a Season 3 casting speculation and rumor thread. We have a list of verified roles being cast, a number of roles rumored to be cast, and a few assumed to be cast despite not being mentioned yet. I will update this as rumors or verifications come in.

I've included the Amok's ASOIAF portrait cards (where available)as a reference for those not familiar with the books, although they are not canon. They have been somewhat accurate so far, but they are one artist's interpretation based on the books. I also have included actor's photos and links for the fan suggested choices as well as some of my own choices.

Who do you want in your favorite upcoming role?

Special Note 1:
I have removed early fan suggestions like Ciaran Hinds, James Purefoy, Mads Mikkelsen, Ray Stevenson and Tony Curran since each has projects filming during the Thrones filming period and will be unavailable in all likelihood.

Special Note 2:
I tried to ignore "above the title" actors like Liam Neeson and Gary Oldman and their ilk since I'm not sure Thrones will be able to cast any of the big Hollywood hitters in roles that just don't get the facetime those actors usually want. Also for budgetary reasons.

**UPDATE** #1 (06/01): I added Sireen Baratheon will be played by Kerry Ingram.

**UPDATE** #2 (06/04): I removed the likely unavailable actors from the favorites list and listed them separately, and added more actors to the suggestion lists.

**UPDATE** #3 (06/06): I added Mero "The Titan's Bastard" since the role has been in some of the Daario casting auditions.

** UPDATE** #4 (06/09): Moved Henry Ian Cusick from Unavailable list to suggestion list since he will not be returning to Scandal for Season 2 according to The Hollywood Reproter.

**UPDATE** # 5 (06/26): I added a handful more names for suggestions and split the Val and Dalla suggestions.

Special Note 3: Season 3 filming will begin in Ireland July 09! Get ready for some real casting and filming news!!

**UPDATE** #6 (06/27): Rufus Sewell has been cast in a 2-part BBC mini-series to air at the end of 2012. So it looks like he may well be out of the running for Thrones now....

**UPDATE** #7 (06/28) Actually casting news today stemming from this London Evening Standard article is suggesting that Tara Fitzgerald is joining Game of Thrones for Season 3!

No comment on who she will be playing, but according to the article she will be filming in Northern Ireland next week. Many have suggested it is a Dragonstone shoot and she may be playing Selyse Florent. Personally I find her too pretty for Sylese, but she is a very strong actress and I welcome her in any role!

Rumor #2:
Also of note... Tweets and an Instragram photo seem to point to Nathalie Emmanuel being cast in Game of Thrones. Perhaps Missandei aged up or a new handmaiden for Daenerys?? Maybe she is replacing the original actress that played Jhiqui?
My Take: She is in the cast. First Take = Missandei aged up. Take two = Arianne Martell or Taena of Myr.

Rumor #3:
Another Twitter rumor is saying that Charlotte Hope has been cast as Myranda. There is a small role of Myranda Royce near the Eyrie... or could she be a different character created by D&D or familiar role with a name change? Could the name be a red herring to keep people off the track of our new Meera?
My Take: First take = Meera. Take two = Roslin Frey, or a cousin for Margery Tyrell.

Last note....
There have also been rumored Tweets of Sarah Bolger in Belfast (I've not seen them) so perhaps she is our frog girl? Hmmm....
My Take: This rumor does not sound as substantial to me and I am not counting her as part of the cast just yet....

**UPDATE** #8 (6/30)
Clive Russel has been cast as Brynden "Blackfish" Tully.
Here's to the first major casting of Season 3!

According to various tweets, Mackenzie Crook has been seen hanging outwith Thrones cast members in Belfast. This is the time most of the cast has gone to Belfast to pickup scripts and do some pre-production work... so it could mean something...
My Take: Vargo, Beric?

Philip McGinley has been tweeting about hanging out with Gwendoline Christie (Brienne), John Bradley (Sam),Finn Jones (Loras), and Joe Dempsey (Gendry) the lst couple days. All of those actors have been in Belfast for fittings and to get scripts etc as they prepare for the filming to begin July 9.
My Take: No role jumps to my mind when I see McGinley, but some have suspected Edmure or Beric perhaps.

Rumor #3:
Frankie McGinty tweeted a day ago that he had just got back from a fitting in London and he was apparently "fatter than MacKenzie Crook." Some think with his striking blue eyes he could be the Bastard of Bolton.....
My Take: This one does not feel too secure to me. The fitting was in London and not Belfast and EVERYONE is fatter than Mackenzie Crook! XD

**UPDATE** #9 (07/01):
Rumor #1:
Frankie McGinty tweeted denying he has not been cast. Although of course it could be subterfuge.....

Rumor #2: says they can confirm that Crook is NOT cast as Vargo Hoat. Does this mean they know who Crook will be playing or do they know who will be playing Vargo Hoat? XD
My Take: Crook not being Hoat makes many think he is Mance Rayder despite not fitting the description exactly.... I do see him as a wildling ,but not Mance. Maybe Orell?

Rumor #3:
Sophie Turner is now following Paul McGinley on Twitter. Coincidence?
My Take: I think McGinley is part of the cast for sure now, but who?

**UPDATE** #10 (07/03):
Rumor #1:

Asim Ahmad has been cast as Thoros of Myr. The rumor starts on Tumblr where a user commented about her firend's boyfriend and vague tweet from Ahmad himself. I'm not sure right now. I mean the rumor origin said he will be 13 episodes not 10. However, He lived in England for about half of his life,and has stunt work and sword work experience..... He tweets that he met Emilia... So Maybe he is in?

His CastingNow profile fills in some details and makes him fairly believable in the role without confirming it....
I'm beginning to think it is legit, but will wait until there is a little more evidence than a red tie that he is our Red Priest....

**UPDATE** #11 (07/04):
Flickr photo confirmation (1 , 2) of Mackenzie Crook with Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark, Finn Jones (Loras Tyrell),Rose Leslie (Ygritte) and Gwendoline Christie (Brienne) in Belfast together along with what could be Philip McGinley and Joe Dempsie (Gendry).

**UPDATE** #12 (07/05):
Sarah Bolger cast in Once Upon a Time as Princess Aurora.
This likely means an end to Bolger in Thrones, but not necessarily.....

**UPDATE** #13 (07/07):
Carne, a user at Winter-is-Coming had contact from Ian McElhinney's agent saying that McElhinney will be back in Season 3 of Game of Thrones. So it looks like we may be getting Arstan Whitebeard afterall! If not at least Barristan the Bold will be back!

**UPDATE** #14 (07/09):
Rumor #1:
Asim Ahmad seems to have confirmed being cast in Game of Thrones when he tweeted TheRock joking about being unable to be in Fast 6. This tweet still leaves room to debate, for me at least.

Rumor #2:
This one is more wishful thinking on this fan's part than a rumor as such...
Conan Stevens, who played Gregor 'The Mountain the Rides' Clegane in Season 1, tweeted about 91 hours in flights the last 3 weeks. Conan lives in Australia I believe, so a few long flights to Belfast could figure into his 91 hours in the air. The time frame fits for the pre-film session if he went to get his scripts, but it is pure speculation of course!

I liked aspects of Ian Whyte as Gregor in Season 2, but to have Stevens as Gregor back for a certain upcoming combat scene would be brilliant! Here's hoping! XD

Rumor #3:
This is more un-casting news... and a bit sad. It appears that Clive Mantel who played the bombastic Greatjon Umber in Season 1 (and who many hoped would appear in Season 3 after his absence in Season 2) will not be appearing in Season 3 according to his agent.
"Sadly, when filming series 2 came about, Clive was pre booked to appear in another television series and was not free for the shooting dates for Game of Thrones as the dates clashed.

He has not been asked back for series three sadly.

**UPDATE** #15 (07/10):
Rumor #:
According to a very unusual source for casting, /TV (chan site), Dame Diana Rigg has been cast in Thrones. The source is dubious, but supposedly a friend of a relative of the source works on the Thrones set and said Rigg was cast.

This could possibly relate to rumor #1..... An anonymous IMDB (message has since been deleted by IMDB) posted that their friend (an actor on Thrones) told them a a "big name" was cast in Season 3. They described the cast actor as "old school big" and a "bit of a legend". Their friend told the poster that "You could hear a pin drop when [this person] talked," but they would not give a name. Dianna Rigg certainly could fit this rumor as well.

The assumption is Rigg would play the Queen of Thorns. Here is a recent photo of Rigg and a side-by-side of Rigg with her would-be granddaughter Nathalie Dormer. They certainly look like they could be related!

**UPDATE** #16 (07/11)
Rumor #1:
According to her management site, Nathalie Emmanuel will be a "returning regular" and her film scenes will be in Morocco. This likely rules out Dornish characters and tells us we have either a new Jhiqui or an aged up Missandei. Nothing new, but more infi is always good!

**UPDATE** #17 (07/13)
HBO released a casting announcement today declaring the actors for 14 roles. Many were listed below and I have deleted them leaving only the roles yet to be cast.

To see the full list of the roles announced today visit this post:
Game of Thrones - Comic-Con 2012 - Panel Notes and Massive Casting Announcements

I managed to get one role right from the start Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Jojen Reed and a few regulars suggested Kristofer Hivju as Tormund. Congrats to us! XD

I managed to call Orell after knowing Mackenzie Crook was cast and not as Vargo Hoat, and most regulars were right on their first impressions that Tara Fitzgerald is Selyse, Nathalie Emmanuel is Missandei. I thought McGinley might be Tom O'Sevens if not Edmure, but he turned out to be a different member of the Brother Without Banners, Anguy the archer. I had Tobias Menzies and Kristofer Kivju cast in different roles, but I am excited to see them in the cast!

The rest of the 14 seemed to go unmentioned by all of us, but I'm sure they will be brilliant. In Nina Gold (and D&D) we trust!

**UPDATE** #18 (07/17):
Rumor #1:
Noah Taylor was spotted in Belfast. No connection to the Thrones cast, and he does have a project in Ireland so this may be a complete coincidence. He would make a very fun Vargo Hoat though!

Rumor #2:
GRRM commented to MTV that Mance has not been cast yet so there is time for UK actors to get their audition tapes in still.... and he had "No comment" as to whether or not Strong Belwas will show up in Season 3.

**UPDATE** #19:
A new (rhymes with) leak.... it appears Iwan Rheon has been cast in Game of Thrones and he will be playing "boy" according to his CV. Rheon was also spotted at a pub in Belfast with other cast members so I think this rumor has legs. Since he was many fans' favorite to play Ramsay, my guess is he will be the Bastard of Bolton. We shall see.....

**UPDATE** #20
Rumor #1:
According to someone who witnessed a scene being filmed and posted her comments on Tumblr, Iwan Rheon is in fact Ramsay. The original Tumblr account has been taken down (which actually adds some credence in my mind), but OhNoyTheyDidn't posted the recap of the Tumblr post.

I will not post the contents since it is heavy on spoilers, but you can read it here.

**UPDATE** #21 (07/25)
Rumor #1:
Some young actress with the Twitter account of AmbeeRose seems to have been cast in Game of Thrones.... at least according to her Twitter(1,2).

I looked for support to the fact she was in HP movies or PJ2 and I could not find any. She could have had an uncredited role though I guess. This seems to be at best a featured extra and possibly an empty rumor at this point.

Now she says she is flying out to Belfast right now and will be an extra. OF course she did not or could not say her exact role.

Update: This looks like a false rumor. She tweeted a stock photo of a view out of a plane. XD

**UPDATE** #21 (08/02)
Today we have some "new" old new from a 2 or 3 week old announcement....
According to his management website, Tom Brooke has been cast in Game of Thrones.

No role was mentioned by his management, but he has been known to play comedic roles as well as dark.

Most think he will be either a minor member of the Brotherhood Without Banners (maybe Tom O'Sevens) or a minor member of the Bloody Mummers (Shagwell).... I immediately saw Vargo Hoat when I look at photos online (1,2). He is gaunt and has creepy bulging eyes that can look like a mad goat to me! XD
Now can we hear him say "Kingthlayer" just once to be sure?

**UPDATE** #22 (08/03)
Rumor #1:
Ours is the Fury at W-i-C found another CV this morning. This time the actress is Elisa Lasowski. She is listed as playing "Mirelle" in a Game of Thrones episode directed by Daniel Minahan(one of the first 2 episodes in Season 3). No Mirelle exists in A Song of Ice and Fire so it looks like D&D are either up to their old name change games or she is a completely new role.

She is quite tall at 5'-10" and very beautiful to be sure. I just saw her in Line of Duty where she played a waitress witness. My first thought was Nymeria Sand, but I doubt the Sand Snakes make an appearance until Season 4. Some have suggested a Tyrell cousin or Mya Stone, but I think Taena of Myr would be a nice fit!

Rumor #2:
Dominic West (The Wire, The Hour) turned down a role in Game of Thrones this season. That role sounds a lot like Mance Rayder too. Here is the full article.

Update # 23 (08/08):
Rumor #1:
Winter-is-Coming reports that both Noah Taylor and Burn Gorman have been spotted filming scenes along side other Night's Watch actors like James Cosmo (Mormont), Mark Stanley (Grenn), John Bradley (Samwell), and Ben Compton (Edd).

If they are Night's Watch members they seem to be a bit high-profile to be random crows. They could be filming scenes back at Crastor's Keep as Mormont and the Night's Watch return or as the remaining crows return to Castle Black which would allow Taylor and Gorman to be much larger roles like Cotter Pyke, Bowen Marsh, or even Othell Yarwyck and Donal Noye. IF they are outside of Castle Black the roles would seem to be much smaller....Maybe the conspirators Softfoot and Lark the Sisterman?

If they were not Night's Watch members I would think we had our Vargo Hoat and Shagwell! XD

Very interesting and we definitely need to keep an eye on this rumor!!

**UPDATE** #24 (08/20):
Daario Naharis has been cast in the form of actor,rapper and DJ, Ed Skrein.

I was expected a bit of a unique nose since Daario's was described as hugely hooked, but I think Skrein has the swagger and the eyes for the role.

**UPDATE** #25 (08/30)
Rumor #1:
More casting news sluethed out by Winter-isComing's Ours_is_the_Fury...

According to her agency website, Stephanie Blacker has been cast in Game of Thrones. There is no role mentioned, but she certainly could be playing one of the two sisters north of the Wall, Val or Dalla. My money would be on Val since Dalla has so few scenes that she could be played by an extra.

Rumor #2:
A photo on Facebook has appeared showing the and all of its "beardom". Certainly not he Brotherhood without Beards is it? Here are the extras that make up the Brotherhood without Banners.

Last Note:
This will also be the final update for this casting and speculation thread. The rest of the casting announcements will be posted individuality since this thread has grown and gotten a bit convoluted. Check in for the Season 4 Casting Rumors and Speculation thread in about 9 months from now.


- Kraznys mo Nakloz and Prendahl na Ghezn have been cast.

- Daario and Grey Worm have been cast.


The former Night's Watch member who became the King Beyond the Wall has been cast, and a most excellent casting choice indeed! CiarĂ¡n Hinds will portray Mance Rayder. Hinds has the charisma and stature to play Mance as I saw him in the books. Definitely not a shrinking violent or small man. I had thought Hinds may not be available for Thrones seeing as his current project Political Animals. Thankfully I was wrong!


Iwan Rheon has been cast as Ramsay Snow.

Full post can be found here.

Ramsay Snow:
Ramsay Bolton is the legitimated bastard son of Lord Roose Bolton. Originally named Ramsay Snow, he was known as the Bastard of Bolton and the Bastard of the Dreadfort. He has a fleshy appearance, with large, wormy lips and long hair.Of particular note are his pale eyes, reminiscent of his father.


Clive Russell has been cast as Brynden ' Blackfish' Tully!

The full post can be found here.



Charlotte Hope has been cast as 'Myranda'.
Now we wait to find out who exactly Myranda is! XD
Is she the minor role of Myranda Royce of the books (seemingly unlikely), a conglomeration of characters from the books (possible), a Tyrell cousin for Margery (more likely), or even a code name for Meera to throw off nosy fans! XD



Shireen has been cast.

Shireen Florent Baratheon will be played by Kerry Ingram.

Read more about Kerry Ingram in this post.

- Shireen Florent:
Shireen Baratheon is the daughter of Stannis Baratheon and his only child. Shireen is regarded as a sweet child. She is not not very pretty; she has blue eyes but inherited both her father's square, jutting jaw and her mother's large ears. The greyscale caused half of her left cheek and most of her neck to be covered in gray and black dead skin. She is nine years old.



Roles Also Rumored to be Cast:


Vargo Hoat:
Vargo Hoat is the leader of the Brave Companions, a particularly unsavory sellsword company referred to as the "Bloody Mummers" in the Seven Kingdoms. Vargo is a tall, gaunt man with a long goatee and a necklace of coins from all the places where he has fought.
Fan suggestions: Anatole Taubman, Anthony Flanagan, Guy Henry, Jason Flemyng, Vincent Cassel

My choice: Vargo Hoat is almost a caricature in the books and I'm not sure it will translate to the screen very well, but I think Guy Henry would be great as a slightly more realistic version of the Goat. He also has been in two Nina Gold projects before, John Adams and HBO's Rome.


Roles Not Confirmed or Rumored, but Possible This Season


- Mace Tyrell:
Lord Mace Tyrell is Lord of Highgarden, Defender of the Marches, High Marshal of the Reach, and Warden of the South. He was once powerful looking, but has become fat. He is still handsome. He has curly brown hair and cuts his beard into a triangular shape that has white spots within it.
Fan Suggestions: Angus Macfadyen, Brendan Gleeson, Ray Stevenson, Ray Winstone, Yorick van Wageningen

My choice: I have pictured Brendan Gleeson as Mace Tyrell since I first read the books and he is my first choice, although I think MacFadyen could be really good as well.


- Wyman Manderly:
Lord Wyman Manderly of White Harbor is the head of House Manderly. He is so fat he can no longer ride a horse and must be carried in a litter. He is nearly sixty years old. He has a loud, booming laugh. He is mocked by his own people as "Lord Lamprey".
Fan Suggestions: Brendan Gleeson, Ian McNiece, Jim Carter, John Henshaw, Richard Griffiths

My choice: Ian McNiece is the man...derly. Richard Griffiths truly does look the part though!


- Dalla:
Dalla was the wife of Mance Rayder. She advises Mance and always gives him good counsel.
Fan Suggestions: Diane Kruger,Rosamund Pike, Thekla Reuten

My Choice: I think Diane Kruger or Thekla Reuten would do a great job as Dalla.


- Val:
Val is a wildling. She is the sister of Dalla, the wife of Mance Rayder.She is a beautiful woman with blonde hair. She has pale grey eyes with high sharp cheekbones. She is slender with a full bosom. Val is resourceful, brave and capable.
Fan suggestions: Imogen Poots, Romola Garai, Sophia Myles,Viva Bianca

MY choice: I would love to Sophia Myles as Val. I do wonder if Romola Garai will be cast in her third project for Nina Gold though....


- Tom of Sevenstreams:
Also known as Tom O'Sevens or Tom Sevenstrings, is a singer and a musician. He looks around fifty years old, small and has a big mouth, pointy nose and thin brown hair.
Fan Suggestions: Anthony Flanagan, David Murray, Eddie Marsan,Julian Richings

My Choice: Julian Richings would be a lot of fun, but I truly can see Anthony Flanagan as Tom O'Sevens.


- Lem Lemoncloak:
He has bad teeth, a bushy brown beard and is known for his large, hooded yellow cloak. He has a fierce, soldier look to him.
Fan suggestions: Brian F O'Byrne, Graham McTavish, Lee Nicholas Harris, Peter Stomare, Ritchie Coster

My choice: I would love to see Mr. O'Byrne as Lem.


- Belwas:
Known as Strong Belwas, is a tanned eunuch colossus His nickname Strong Belwas comes from the arenas of Meereen where he used to fight. He claims he never lost a fight and he allowed all his opponents to cut him once before they died. He is big, with many pallid scars crossing his chest. He is bald and his arms and belly are huge.
Fan Suggestions: Christopher Judge, Sala Baker, Taylor Wlly

My choice: Since I read Taylor Wily as Belwas I am having a hard time thinking of anyone else. I think 2 Hawaiians in the cast may be a stretch and Sala Baker would have the fight experience for some of Belwas's most important scenes.


- Mero "The Titan's Bastard":
Mero is the commander of the Second Sons, a mercenary sellsword company. He is tall with pale green eyes, a long, bushy red-gold beard. He has an evil reputation.
Fan Suggestions: Julian Seager

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