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Dark Rising: Warrior Of Worlds - Demon series now filming

A new Sci-Fi series DARK RISING: WARRIOR OF WORLDS is filming in Canada

DARK RISING: Warrior of Worlds is a one hour sci-fantasy television series that follows a group of clear humans in a clouded new world. The tether that binds our Earth with a parallel demonic dimension has collapse creating a brand new reality for both humans and demons leaving most beings with altered memories. The magical bind has shifted reality and only a small group of "clear" humans remember the past. In order to save the world, they band together to unravel the mystery behind the shift and battle to take down the mystical forces that have doomed their world.

Based on: Dark Rising written by Andrew Cymek
Genre: Sci-Fi / Comedy
Runtime: 13 episodes x 1 hr.
Country: Canada
Language: English