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KIERA CAMERON (Rachel Nichols)
A tall, striking beauty. Kiera is a dedicated wife to husband Greg and mother to her seven- year-old son, Sam. Her separation from them will cause her a great deal of pain and longing to get “home.”

Realizing early on that her chances to get home are slim, Kiera knows she must do her best to preserve the future by stopping Liber8. Posing as a member of an elite government counter terrorism group called Section 6 she aligns herself with the Vancouver Police Department. There she is assigned partner Carlos Fonnegra.

Through Carlos, Kiera finds herself opening to a life of freedoms she didn't know she'd lost growing up in a corporate society. Carlos innately understands Kiera’s drive to get back to her family, even if he doesn’t know that they are 65 years in the future.

As Kiera learns about our time period, our culture and system, we get to see our world through her eyes, allowing us to tell the stories of crime and life in the city through a unique prism.

JASMINE GARZA (Luvia Petersen)

In her late 20’s, Garza is scrappy, quiet, stoic and a strategist. While a lethal paramilitary soldier, Garza is damaged goods. She was captured by the corporate military and tortured for information over a period of three years. What they did to her nearly killed her, but it's the mental scars that don't heal.

TRAVIS VERTA (Roger Cross)

Travis is a warrior specifically trained and enhanced through futuristic science to be a lethal killing machine. He began as a conventional soldier: tough, agile and just smart enough to be resourceful. He was handpicked to be part of a special military experiment to create an elite group of super soldiers -- genetically enhanced specimens whose sole function was to follow orders without question and to destroy the enemy without remorse.

Travis is also driven by a need for revenge. He is enraged by the way the corporate military that trained him was so willing and able to cast his life aside and realizes that he wasn’t the only one. He saw how the corporations took the freedom of choice away from all individuals, treating them as possessions, not humans. It will become clear as time goes on that there is an intellect buried within this beast of a man. He is very swayed by Kagame and his calm philosophical drive. He needs to believe in something and Kagame is as much a machine of agenda as Travis is a machine of war. Kagame knows how to influence Travis and somehow Travis likes this. There's something calming, even to a pit-bull, about the feeling of the collar and leash and a handler who knows when to rein them in and when to set them loose.

EDOUARD KAGAME (Tony Amendola)

Kagame is the author of the manifesto that inspired the revolution in his era. In his youth Kagame had been a hot-headed reactionary. His sense of injustice led him to actions that saw him imprisoned.

Kagame is the only member of our time travelers who is old enough to remember this era from personal experience. Born in 2012, he grew up in the Vancouver of our time. He witnessed the slow and creeping changes that stripped most people of their freedom and their happiness. He knows the milestones that lie ahead better than anyone.


Attractive and cunning, Sonya is a survivor and an opportunist. She began as a research scientist for the corporate military. Her interest in genetics was born from a desire to create a stronger human that could survive the next great disaster. It wasn't long before her experiments became morally questionable and highly controversial.

Sonya was the architect of the super soldier program and was pushed to drive her test subjects to the point of death in order to satisfy her superiors. In order to survive she numbed herself to the reality of what she was doing. But something shifted for her when she met Travis. At some point she ceased seeing him as merely a test subject, a lab animal, and instead became drawn to his intensity and power.

When her superiors decided to terminate the program and all the test subjects, Sonya felt a need to protect Travis and the others. For the first time in her life she chose to reject the privilege and security the corporation had always offered her and switch sides.

In joining the rebels she wants to make sure that lives are more important then the bottom line.

ALEC SADLER (Erik Knudsen)

A wiry, good looking teenager, Alec is intelligent but always a bit of an outsider. Like Kiera, he’s always followed his own drummer. His father was a genius who made a lot of money creating all manner of technical wizardry.

It wasn't until his dad passed away that Alec, feeling grief stricken and abandoned, opened up his father's old workshop. It was there, through his father's diagrams and devices that he slowly began to know the man and more importantly, realize his own true path. Alec has all the potential to not only follow in his father's footsteps but, one day, surpass him. He just needs to believe in himself. He will find this confidence in helping Kiera solve crimes.

LUCAS INGRAM (Omari Newton).

Smart, scientific and resourceful, Lucas is a conventional looking man, fit but not a warrior. But he's also not a stereotypical techie either. He uses his intelligence and skill to make himself too indispensable to kill. It's a tenuous balance... one mistake and Travis could easily dispense with him..

Lucas worked in the early 2070's for Alec Sadler's SadTech. He was head of the temporal disruption division, chiefly responsible for aiding in the development of weapons that could bend time for military purposes. However, when he realized that his work was being used for evil, he confronted Alec. Soon after, he was falsely accused of being a rebel and a traitor, a charge he could not refute. He was never told who had made the accusation and what evidence there was against him..

In fear for his life, Lucas fled to the other side and joined the rebels. After siding with the rebels he developed a kinship with their ambitions and realized he had a greater chance to stop his work from being used misused with their help. Having been a loner most of his life, the rebels gave Lucas a chance to feel like he belonged. He is loyal to Kagame, but has developed a bit of a man-crush on Kellog..


Charming, self-serving and vain, Kellog is a master manipulator and a narcissist. He can talk anyone into anything, all in service to himself. Kellog found his talent in charming and manipulating others at an early age. He trained as a psychologist and managed to slip through the cracks of the existing corporate structure to create a hedonistic paradise for many years until he was discovered and sent to prison.

Even in prison he was able to create a mini paradise, managing to get dirt on the warden who secured his early release, but not before meeting with Kagame. The two men had a mutual appreciation of their matching charismatic abilities. Kagame was able to present the revolution as a means for Kellog to create a world that would serve his love for all things hedonistic. Kellog took the bait and became an important player in Kagame’s plans.

CURTIS CHEN (Terry Chen).

Curtis is ruthless and tough with an inferiority complex. Curtis wanted to be a super soldier but didn't make the grade. As a result he has always had a chip on his shoulder to prove he is as good and as dangerous as Travis. Ultimately he'd like to take Travis's place along with his woman. He is extremely loyal to Kagame, but in Kagame’s absence, Curtis follows Travis’ orders to the T – that’s the kind of soldier he is..

Curtis fervently believes in the rebellion... after all he is the very embodiment of the disenfranchised loner. He grew up poor and down-trodden and never learned to accept that fate. He wants more than anything to crush the corporate overlords who make him and his fellow workers feel small and hopeless..

Curtis has a deep and significant mistrust of Kellog. He senses in him disloyalty and self-interest. If it were up to Curtis he would kill Kellog and purge him from the group..

CARLOS FONNEGRA (Victor Webster)

Carlos is in his thirties, good looking, tough, smart and polished. If he weren't a dedicated and principled detective you'd have no problem imagining him as a successful businessman. He has an inherent charm and masculinity, a “man's man” with a softness beneath that women find magnetic.

The son of immigrant parents, his mother fled the country after drug lords killed her husband. He knows what poverty and suffering looks like, he’s lived it, and he cannot stand the disparity between rich and poor. He approaches his work with a single-minded obsession that is both a strength and a weakness.

Carlos was married at a young age and was divorced soon after. His marriage made him wary of commitment. That’s not to say he hasn’t had his share of romantic entanglements.

He finds Kiera intriguing, even attractive. Stuffing down any feelings for her is made easier by her mysterious and murky cover story, the son and ex she says she doesn’t live with, and the fact he just doesn't entirely trust her.

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