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Awake - Interview with the creator on the Series Finale

Thanks to Nuno for the heads up.

The day that the cancellation was confirmed, you tweeted out that at least it lasted 600% longer than "Lone Star" did. How would you compare the two experiences?

I think they were really really really different. "Lone Star" was an intentional experiment to see if we could put a cable show on network television, and it was over in the blink of an eye. It was a thrilling creative experience, and sort of painful to lose it after two episodes, when that was something we had a detailed map for where it would go in a single season. So in that way, it's been a lot more satisfying to be able to share the whole story of a single season of "Awake" with an audience, whereas it got aborted with "Lone Star."

Where were you in production of this when you realized how the numbers were trending, and did that in any way influence how you wrote this finale?

The numbers were never great even from when it started. It was always in the back of our minds, every week that it continued to air and continued to drop, that it might not be back. But we were absolutely, completely, totally done before any decisions were made. I think it may have made the powers that be a little more willing to let us swing for the fences in the final episodes — the fact that it may or may not come back. You try to walk a very delicate line of both summing up and giving some closure to things we talked about throughout the season, while leaving the door open for things that we would do in subsequent seasons.

Unfortunately, there aren't going to be those subsequent seasons. I don't know how much you are comfortable in talking about, in both explaining what happened in the finale and alluding to what might have come next. But let's start with the broadest question possible: what happened in the finale?

I will be happy to give you my interpretation, and what we pitched to the network, but I'm genuinely curious — especially from someone who is a connoisseur of television — did you have a take on it? Was it just baffling?

Source: Full Interview @ Hitfix