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Web Therapy - Season 2 - Première date (and Friends reunion)

Season two of Web Therapy will première on Monday, July 2, at 11pm on Showtime. The Macintosh-based dry comedy series starring Lisa Kudrow as therapist Fiona Wallace will run for 10 weeks until the last session on September 3.

Guests such as Meryl Streep, Conan O'Brien, Molly Shannon, Selma Blair, Minnie Driver and Rosie O’Donnell will appear as Fiona's patients throughout this upcoming sophomore season.

But that's not all : David Schwimmer (whom you might know from his role on Friends as Ross Gellar) has booked a 4-episode arc on the show ! He will play Newill Miller, a patient traumatised after he witnessed a 'romantic encounter' between Fiona and his father, and now he doesn't seem to be attracted to women that don't look like Fiona.

Lily Tomlin will return as Fiona Wallace's mother in a recurring capacity. We don't know yet if Victor Garber, Jennifer Elise Cox, Tim Bagley, Maulik Pancholy and Dan Bucatinsky, regulars in season 1, will return.

Last season on Web Therapy, Courteney Cox appeared in episode 1.08 (Web Analysis) — the three webisodes ('Psychic Friends' Parts I, II & III) where "Monica" appeared came up on the Internet in April 2009. Rashida Jones, Jane Lynch, Steven Weber, Julie Claire, Patrick Curran, Bob Balaban, Patricia Guggenheim, Drew Sherman and Alan Cumming were the other patients of the freshman season.

This summer, Showtime will be very "friendly", if you will, given that besides that Ross/Phoebe reunion on Web Therapy, the great comedy series Episodes (from David Crane, starring Golden Globe winner Matt 'Joey' LeBlanc) will return on Sunday, July 1, at 10:30pm on Showtime for 9 new episodes (the 7-episode first season aired in January and February 2011), following the eighth season of what may or may not be the last 13 episodes of Weeds.

Web Therapy is a semi-improvised comedy written by Lisa Kudrow, Don Roos and Dan Bucatinsky. Don Roos directed all 10 episodes of the first season (Bucatinsky helped his partner on the last two). Web Therapy is a webseries started in 2009. When Showtime picked up the program and turned it into a full-fledged TV series, they edited the webisodes and added extra material in-between or even new patients (hence David Schwimmer's arc this season).

Showtime series première/finale dates :

— June 10, 2012 : The Big C, episode 3.10 (season finale).
— June 10, 2012 : The Borgias, episode 2.10 (season finale).
— June 24, 2012 : Nurse Jackie, episode 4.12 (season finale).

— July 1, 2012 : Weeds, episode 8.01.
— July 1, 2012 : Episodes, episode 2.01.
— July 2, 2012 : Web Therapy, episode 2.01.

— August 26, 2012 : Episodes, episode 2.09 (season finale).
— September 3, 2012 : Web Therapy, episode 2.10 (season finale).
— September 23, 2012 : Weeds, episode 8.13 (season (series ?) finale).

— September 30, 2012 : Dexter, episode 7.01.
— September 30, 2012 : Homeland, episode 2.01.

— December 16, 2012 : Dexter, episode 7.12 (season finale).
— December 16, 2012 : Homeland, episode 2.12 (season finale).


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