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Happy 25th anniversary, FOX (poll 1/3 : sci-fi / fantasy)

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Sunday, FOX celebrates its 25th birthday.

On April 5, 1987 at 7/6c, the FOX channel became the 4th american network and aired its first ever program : that was the pilot of Married with Children, followed by the pilot of The Tracy Ullman Show (featuring animated shorts of a family of yellow characters called The Simpsons).

For this special anniversary, FOX will rebroadcast the pilot of Married with Children on Sunday at 7/6c, and then a retrospective of the history of FOX at 8/7c. And for this occasion, I thought it would be interesting to see which FOX shows the SpoilerTV community enjoys the most.

There will be a poll on comedies tomorrow and a poll focusing on dramas the day after tomorrow, but today it's a poll about a genre particularly enjoyed around here : science-fiction / fantasy.

Poll 1/3 : Science-fiction / fantasy.
Poll 2/3 : Comedy.
Poll 3/3 : Drama

Say what you want about FOX, but they have aired a lot of sci-fi/fantasy shows over the past 25 years, as you can see below… you can also see that only 4 series had more than two seasons (X-Files, Fringe, Sliders and Millennium) : yes, science-fiction is not always met with fabulous ratings on network TV, believe it or not, but at least FOX is trying. Besides, if there's one thing I've been told many times is that size doesn't matter, a 13-episode series can be just as fun to watch as a much longer show (I have my idea on one show that can and will probably prove that point in this poll).

In the following poll, you can choose up to 5 FOX sci-fi/fantasy series. Pick wisely :

I for one know my five favorites. What about you ? If you had to choose 5 shows, which ones would it be ?

As they say on them fancy news websites, fire away in the comments!

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