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Awake and Touch - Season finale dates

The two new drama/fantasy series launched in March will conclude their uninterrupted 13-episode run with a bang.

Awake will conclude its freshman year with its last two episodes of the season on Thursday, May 17. Episodes 1.12 and 1.13 will air back-to-back from 9pm to 11pm on NBC (source).

Touch will finish its first-season run with a two-hour finale on Thursday, May 31 (source). Episodes 1.12/1.13 (it looks like it will be an actual 86-minute episode, unlike Awake) will air from 8pm to 10pm on FOX, a week after the official end of the 2011/2012 season on May 24 (on FOX, it is marked by the two-hour season finale of American Idol on May 23).

Well, actually, except The Middle, Modern Family and Revenge concluding on May 23 on ABC, and quite possibly 2 episodes of NBC's streets ahead comedy series Community on May 24, it seems like FOX will be the only network to deliver new episodes of scripted series after Friday, May 18, with the series finale of House on May 21 and the season finale of Glee on May 22 (and the last 3 episodes of Touch on May 24 and May 31).

But FOX isn't giving up on Touch. The network will air the season première of So You Think You Can Dance on Thursday, May 24 at 8pm, before episode 1.11 of Touch, ensuring a decent lead-in. On May 30, the dancing competition will move to Wednesdays and will stay there for the rest of the summer.

To sum up :

— Thursday nights on NBC :

Thursday, May 10 :

8pm : Community (episode 3.19).
8:30pm : 30 Rock (episode 6.21).
9pm : The Office (episode 8.24 - season finale).
9:30pm : Parks and Recreation (episode 4.22 - season finale).
10pm : Awake (episode 1.11).

Thursday, May 17 :

8pm : Community (episode 3.20).
8:30pm : 30 Rock (episode 6.22 - season finale).
9pm : Awake (episode 1.12).
10pm : Awake (episode 1.13 - season (series ?) finale).

Thursday, May 24 (safe assumption) :

8pm : Community (episode 3.21).
8:30pm : Community (episode 3.22 - season finale).


— Thursday nights on FOX :

Thursday, May 10 :

8pm : American Idol.
9pm : Touch (episode 1.09).

Thursday, May 17 :

8pm : American Idol.
9pm : Touch (episode 1.10).

Thursday, May 24 :

8pm : So You Think you Can Dance (season première).
9pm : Touch (episode 1.11).

Thursday, May 31 :

8pm : Touch (episodes 1.12/1.13 - season finale).