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Mega Buzz - Various Shows - 28th March 2012

Thanks to FanGirl for the heads up.

What can you tell me about the House finale? —Emma
ADAM: It will primarily focus on the House-Wilson relationship, which may mean less resolution for the other supporting characters. "It's not going to tie up everything — that's not with this is about," Robert Sean Leonard tells us. "I think the show is going to end very abruptly and in a very surprising way because, as happens in life, you don't live the ending. You just live your life." That said, don't look for House to live his life any differently than he ever has. "There is something defiant about him, and I think the worst possible thing would be to see his spirit broken," Hugh Laurie says. "I would find that depressing and that would make me unhappy."

Every week I ask for Private Practice news and will keep asking till I get some. Please, I'm desperate! Any CharCoop news? —Kriti
NATALIE: Erica's inevitable demise will be the first parenting challenge for Charlotte and Cooper. "Their principal concern is Mason's psychological well-being in dealing with her [death]," Paul Adelstein says. "He said goodbye to her, but she's still alive and he knows she's still alive, so as much resolution as there was, that actually causes some problems. Then they're going to have a grieving child, and they're going to be grieving themselves, so it's a big challenge for them."

It's odd, but I missed Betty in the Mad Men premiere. When will be seeing her? — Ashley
ADAM: Don't worry, Ashley, Betty is in Sunday's episode. And although she seemed to handle Don's engagement with a modicum of uncharacteristic maturity last season, she's in "a very different place from where we ended," January Jones tells us. "[Don's] genuinely happy, and I think Betty saw that he was excited. So that's weird and painful for her, and she's probably a little bit irritated by Megan." And how are things in Betty's own marriage? "Let's just say marriage is an ongoing process," Jones teases. "I don't think we'll ever see Betty content for a long a period of time."

Tell me now! I need to know if Rachel and Finn actually tied the knot on Glee! — Shannon
NATALIE: You won't need much more patience, grasshopper! That question will be answered in the first 60 seconds of Tuesday's spring premiere. But whether or not you can call Rachel Mrs. Hudson from now on is kind of beside the point because the young couple might be breaking up! (Breathe!) Why? Because Finn is about to receive an interesting business proposition that would take him about 3,000 miles away from Broadway.

Got any details on the new love interest for Patrick Jane on The Mentalist? — Jackie
ADAM: Oddly enough, we hear she's a Las Vegas cocktail waitress. She's described as being remarkably intelligent with the inevitable heart of gold. And apparently, she's the type of girl with whom Jane will want to spend some quality time: Although she'll be introduced in the finale, we hear she'll stick around for five more episodes next season as well.

Got any Vampire Diaries scoop? —Jessica
NATALIE: Look for another flashback before the season finale, this time to when Elena and her parents, whom we'll finally meet, crashed over the bridge. Don't worry; Stefan is there to save the day... at least, for Elena.

Got any hints about the "old foe" returning for the CSI finale? — Phil
ADAM: Remember Undersheriff Jeffrey McKeen? You know, the guy who killed Warrick? Yup, he'll be back. And perhaps more ominously, the show is looking for an actor to play McKeen's son. Make of that what you will.

What's coming up on New Girl? —Sam
NATALIE: Schmidt will suffer a fate worse than death (well, for Schmidt) in the season finale when he severely injures his... peernis, pianist, enis-pay, as Jess might say. It's so bad that it makes his (male) doctor cry. Cece will also probably weep when she realizes that her go-to booty call will be out of commission for a while, since Little Schmidt will be encased in a not-so-sexy cast for a while.

I'd love some scoop on Hawaii Five-0. — Chris
ADAM: When the war between Wo Fat and the Yakuza ends with a federal employee dead, Five-0 and local police will be completely stonewalled out of the case. Fortunately, one agent decides to go all Deep Throat and inform Danny of everything his boss will not. But Danny may want to ask himself this: Is this informant going rogue to help or hurt Five-0?

Will we ever actually see Caroline's deadbeat dad on 2 Broke Girls? —Audrey
NATALIE: Yes, we'll finally meet Ponzi schemer Martin Channing, and he'll inadvertently help the girls hit a milestone in their cupcake business. But he won't be the only surprise appearance in that episode... and we're not talking about Martha Stewart, who'll make her cameo then too.

What's coming up on Community? — Danielle
ADAM: Troy and Abed's two-part blanket fort battle! But as fun as it sounds, it actually threatens to pull the best buds apart. It's all part of a continued plan by Vice Dean Laybourne (John Goodman, who's now conspicuously sporting an evil goatee) to lure Troy away to the air-conditioning repair school. Worst of all, Laybourne creates the rift by using the duo's favorite TV show, Inspector Spacetime, against them.

How will Marty deal with the merger in the season finale of House of Lies? —Jack
NATALIE: Actually, it's Jeannie who will come to the team's rescue, but it will cost her more than her pride. And though the pod's future looks bright, Marty's personal life doesn't.

Source: TV Guide