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Latest from Kristin - Various Shows - 27th March 2012

Thanks to Mega for the heads up.

Erinnnr: Sebastian Stan did not disappoint as the Mad Hatter. He'd better be back!
No need to break out the hat and lock Once Upon a Time's creators away in Wonderland: They know just how awesome Stan was as the Mad Hatter/Jefferson as he's set to appear in two more episodes this season!

Frankie: I want New Girl scoop and I want it now!
Your (pushy) wish is our command! If you liked that almost-threesome that happened between Jess, Nick and the landlord Remy, something tells us you're going to like this tease courtesy of Jake Johnson: "There's potentially a fivesome happening. It's the most disgusting sexual thing you'll ever see on network TV. It's just disgusting and kinky and ridiculous."

Lauren in Lindenhurst, N.Y.: Any scoop on season three of Pretty Little Liars?
Judging from the title of episode two, things might be taking a dark turn in Rosewood when the show returns: "Blood Is the New Black." Yikes!

Liz: What's coming up for Megan on Mad Men? She was amazing in the premiere!
Wasn't she though?! We chatted with Jessica Paré aka Mrs. Draper and she tells us that Megan will be focused on pleasing Don at home and at the office. "She wants to be good at [her job]," Paré says. "She wants to please Peggy, she wants to please Don, obviously professionally as well as in other areas [laughs]...she is not without ambition for sure." Pare says we'll also continue to see the friendship between Megan and Peggy. "They're friends, and in fact Peggy has taken Megan under her wing in a certain way, not totally unlike the way Don took Peggy under his wing," she explains. "Peggy is someone Megan looks up to and admires and actually really likes."

Davis in Los Angeles: I love Shameless, but I feel like the Karen from this season is a completely different person from Karen last season. Will we get some explanation to her actions or did they just destroy her character for absolutely no reason?
Honestly, it's like you we're reading our minds! Be prepared, because in Sunday's season-two finale, Karen's inner crazy reaches a new level of girl-interrupted when she demands an unbelievable ultimatum and Lip finally sees just how cruel she has become. Although, fans won't get an official explanation of her schizophrenic behavior, we've got a hunch that her daddy issues are way more deepseated then she let on.

Betty: I have missed Dawson Leery, aka James Van Der Beek, so tell me his new show is good!
Why don't you tell us yourself? The pilot episode of Don't Truth the B---- in Apt. 23 is waiting for you to watch on Hulu! You're welcome.

Nicholas: You never show Californication any Spoiler Chat love! It's time to make it up to us fans of the show!
You're right and we apologize. How about two scooplets to make up for our blunder? The Showtime hit is looking to add two new faces in season six. One is Faith, who is described as a modern-day Penny Lane from Almost Famous and she loves three things: music, sex and…God. The other is Atticus, a cuckoo-for-Cocoa Puffs rock star who is looking to work with Hank on a Broadway musical. Something tells us these two characters are going to share a lot of screen time…

Carrie: Any CSI information you feel like sharing?
We'll be meeting two important ladies in Russell's life soon: his daughter and granddaughter! Meghan and Kaitlyn will be paying Russell a visit and we're hearing their interactions are heavy on the adorableness. There's also a strong possibility we'll continue to see the sweet duo in future episodes.

Source: E!Online

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