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Latest from E!Online - Various Shows - 1st March 2012

GregoryLee: Smash info please! Need to know if I should keep watching or give it up.
Well as you can tell by the red-hot photo of Julia (Debra) and Michael (Will) swapping spit, the show is getting more...dangerous. A source tells me this storyline is just one of the edgier twists up ahead, as the series further proves it is more "adult" than Glee. Now, this photo would be totally romantic if not for the fact that both Julia and Michael both are married (to other people, who seem decent!) with children (who seem decent too!). So this one may be a bit hard to swallow. And while Julia is hoping to adopt we are putting good money on it now that she'll get knocked up by Michael. Who wants to join the wager? Also interesting to note: Debra and Will also recently separated from their spouses in real life.

Violet in Seattle, Wash: Please tell me you've got something on True Blood? Maybe who Sookie is going to end up with?!
True Blood is on its way this summer and we've just gotta say, there's nothing like a southern wedding: the birds are chirping, the heat is overwhelming, and the vampires are crashing your rehearsal dinner. To answer your burning question: Yes! There is going to be a wedding. And there is going to be karaoke at the dinner!

Sharon: Tell me about Breaking In's first episode back!
Megan Mullally is amazing as Contra's new boss, Ronnie. But one of the best parts of the season-two premiere is that at first, Mullally plays an undercover temp who comes off a wee bit crazy to the team. Trust us, it's hilarious. Oh, and we get to flashback to one of the most epic office pranks ever.

jacquemista: any scoop on Revenge? Please, say yes!
While Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) and Conrad (Henry Czerny) tried to show a united front in the last night's episode for their son, expect things to get pretty nasty between the divorcing duo. Like Victoria alerting the S.E.C. of Conrad's shady business practices. "The reason I showed you that S.E.C. card is to lay it out there that when she's ready, she is going to rain hell on Conrad, but he needs to earn it," creator Mike Kelley says, "And believe me, he does."

J in Calif.: I've been waiting for two and a half seasons for some Quartie interaction. Is this a deeper friendship or more? And can we expect lots of it?
Already with the couple name? Well, that might be a bit premature because for now, Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Artie (Kevin McHale) will only find a friendship with each other. But it'll be a special one.

Young Padaone: I'll take anything on 2 Broke Girls, anything ! #spoilerchat
Whatd'ya get when you put Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) on a stalled subway car with melting cupcakes and a train full of cranky New Yorkers? If you said "Awesomeness" then congrats! We like you. Get excited because episode 22 is going to include a posh photo-shoot, funnel cake (yum!), and someone's gonna get fired! We'll go ahead and tell you right now that it's not Earl (Garrett Morris) or Oleg (Johnathan Kite).

Cade in Tampa, Fla: Something on New Girl to get me through the break please!
The blogosphere is already buzzin' about next Tuesday's all-new episode of New Girl "Injured," where Nick (Jake M. Johnson) gets hurt while playing a game of touch football. But did you know that something even more serious happens to one of the adorkable gang? Lamorne Morris exclusively told us that Winston "loses a loved one" in the episode. We can't tell you who it is, but we can tell you who comforts Winston in his time of need, "Schmidt (Max Greenfield), kind of." Aww, well that sounds "kind of" sweet…

Wendell in Tallahassee: So excited for White Collar. That finale was the best one yet! Any scoop on where they'll go from here?
Tiffani Thiessen joined us on the E! News set Tuesday, and as much as I begged and pleaded, for Matt Bomer's digits (jokes, people) and scoop on what's ahead, she would only say that she hasn't seen a season-four script yet, and she has no idea how the writers are gonna work their way out of this one. Thiessen also was promoting a really great campaign "Do the KIND Thing/Baby Buggy" which encourages people to do a kind thing for parents, and she also talked about her adorable 20-month-old girl Harper.

Thomas: Long shot but, do you have anything new on Damages? I hope it is not forgotten!
We haven't forgotten! In fact, we hit the set today in NYC to chat up newcomer Ryan Philippe, who tells us his character is a "Julian Assange type," which is what lured him to the role. (Ryan hasn't been on TV since he was 17 and did One Life to Live for six months!) His character is a whistleblower, who is at odds with Patty, and the season looks riveting. It's gonna air on DirecTV, premiering sometime this summer.

Gina in Seattle, Wash.: Community returns soon! Any scoop?
One word: heist. We were on set for a truly epic episode that is so bananas, the whole cast was on lockdown under strict orders not to spill anything. "I literally am so scared to say anything that I can't," Joel McHale tells us. "But we are all in costume and we are taking something from the school." Here's hoping Jim Rath wears a tux with a right-leg slit!

Source: E!Online