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Justified - Season 3 - Interview with Erica Tazel

Justified is currently in the last-stretch of its 3rd season on FX.

The critically-acclaimed drama stars Timothy Olyphant as badass lawman Raylen Givens. But at his side is his partner Deputy Marshall Rachel Brooks.

Erica Tazel plays Rachel on Justified. She’s been on the series since the beginning. This season, we’ve been learning more about Rachel and her past. I recently had a chat with Erica where we talk about her character’s direction. We also talk about Season 3, and what can we expect as the season closes.

Here’s what she had to say.

Adam: Justified is currently in the home-stretch of its 3rd season. With a 4th season already official, it looks like there’s no end in sight. Did you think it would be as big when you first got involved?

Erica: I believed from the beginning we were embarking on something pretty special. We had a great Pilot script with all these juicy possibilities for a series. The task, as always, was to do good work and find an audience. I feel we are doing great work and we have an unbelievably loyal fan base. I feel extremely blessed to have the opportunity to come back for a 4th Season. Three seasons down. Hopefully many more to come.

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