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Gilded Lilys - Character Descriptions

[VIOLET LANGTON LILY] 19 to 20. A sparkling-eyed, virginal beauty, she's the wealthy, aristocratic daughter of Edwin and Elizabeth. The Lilys have been the reigning family of New York's elite for decades, but a recent family scandal has undermined their fortunes, both financially and societally. Now Violet, Edwin's "perfect" daughter, is expected to help redress her family's problems with a stellar liaison to the Carnegie clan. But during her latest trans-Atlantic
crossing, Violet has fallen head-over-heels for John Kidd, a low-born ship's servant who is the man of her dreams -- and the stuff of her blue-blooded family's worst nightmare. But whether Violet can acknowledge her secret love before she is trapped in a thankless marriage of convenience remains to be seen...SERIES REGULAR

[JOHN KIDD] 20 to 25, with the hint of an Irish or Scottish accent. He's a charismatic, sexy and adventurous individual of Scottish descent who has a romantic soul and a first class intellect, as evidenced by his ability to speak several languages fluently. In fact, John seems the stuff of any woman's dream, and that includes beautiful society heiress, Violet Lily, whom John meets on a trans-Atlantic crossing. However, the fact that John is a low-born ship's servant puts him
completely out of Violet's exalted league, but their intense shipboard connection has floored them both with its intensity. Because of a past (perhaps dark) mysterious secret, John has not left his ship for five years -- but his desire to see Violet again sends him on a dangerous mission into the streets of New York in search of his lady love -- a mission that could land him in very hot water indeed...SERIES REGULAR

[EDWIN FALTERHAUS LILY] Late 40s to early 50s. He's a serious, tidy, "socially ungifted man" who has been left in control of the bulk of the family fortune, much to the dissatisfaction of his playboy brother, Julius. Very much in love with his wife, Elizabeth, Edwin is trying to recoup the family's fortune and restore the Lilys' good name in the wake of a huge family scandal. To that end, he's devoted the bulk of his time, effort and cash to opening the Lillian, the most lavish hotel
in 1895 New York. He has enlisted the support of Andrew Carnegie in his new endeavor -- a partnership cemented by the impending engagement of Edwin's daughter, Violet, with Andrew's nephew, Charlie. However, Edwin does not yet know that his "perfect" daughter has fallen in love with a lowly ship's servant. And when his hotel's grand opening meets with unexpected disaster, he's left in a social limbo between success and disgrace...SERIES REGULAR

[ELIZABETH LANGTON LILY] Mid 40s. Edwin's beautiful, beloved wife, she's an intelligent, strong-willed
woman who is very much her husband's partner and equal. Elizabeth rose from the upper middle class to the social elite "with hidden claws," marrying Edwin against the objections of his dowager mother, Caroline.
She is as anxious to restore the family's wealth and position as her husband, and to that end, she pressures
Elizabeth to accept an alliance with the Carnegies. Seemingly above reproach, Elizabeth seems to be
carrying on a secret affair with a mysterious lover... or is it another secret entirely...? SERIES REGULAR

[JULIUS ASHFORD LILY] Late 30s to early 40s. He's a charming, handsome society playboy, the apple of
his dowager mother's eye and the bane of his serious minded brother Edwin's existence. Gifted with
exquisite taste and a hearty sexual appetite, he is notorious for his womanizing exploits among New York
demimonde's, circa 1895. Miffed because his father willed Edwin the lion's share of the Lily estate, Julius
has been enlisted to decorate Edwin's new hotel, the Lillian, but his lavish overspending has gotten on
Edwin's last nerve. When Edwin announces that he's taking Andrew Carnegie on as a partner and is pushing Julius out, Julius responds by planning an even more lavish hotel -- an announcement he makes, embarrassingly, at Edwin's grand opening...SERIES REGULAR

[CHARLIE CARNEGIE] Late 20s. Violet's childhood friend, he's the nephew of wealthy millionaire, Andrew
Carnegie, who has just entered a partnership with Edwin -- a merger cemented by the supposition that Charlie will marry Violet. Tall, dashing, self-aware (circa 1895) and somewhat shy, Charlie is a pleasant surprise for Violet -- but she is still too smitten with the forbidden John to give Charlie her full attention, much
less her love...SERIES REGULAR

[ABIGAIL PERKINS] 19 to 20. This freshly attractive girl is Violet's devoted personal maid, who has been
raised with Violet and considers her more a friend than an employee. However, lately, Abigail is beginning to
feel the vast social divide that separates her from her wealthy mistress. Taken with John herself, Abigail will
be torn between an old and deep loyalty to her lady and her own quest for happiness... SERIES REGULAR

[JASPER KRAVETZ] Early 20s. A sharp-tongued trouble-maker, he's Julius's valet, who is thrilled when he
gets a job as a hotel footman at the lavish new Lillian. As he explains to his friend, Abigail, "being the slave to a hundred different men will be far more interesting than being knicker-picker-upper for the same damn one." However, when Julius pressures his return to his old duties, the resentful Jasper just may retaliate by agreeing to sell family secrets to the highest bidder...SERIES REGULAR

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