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Game of Thrones - UK Season 1 DVD Launch Party **UPDATED** [Video]

Video of the event.

Earlier today US time, Game of Thrones held it's UK Season 1 DVD Launch Party at the Old Vic Tunnels in London. Elio from Westeros had the invite and a brief write up and luckily AccessHollywood has some fun photos of the cast!

Tonight was the official launch party for the season one DVD and Blu-ray set, and it was a star-studded affair over at the Old Vic Tunnels in London. A great deal of work and planning went into it according to all accounts, including the hiring of top-notch caterers, bringing in all manner of props, performers ranging from Masai drummers to bellydancers, and more.

"On behalf of House Targaryen we are honoured that you can join us on this special, joyous occasion. Your presence has been gleefully(?) received by The Mother of Dragons and he followers.

Come once a year on the 29th day of the second month, House Targaryen celebrates the destruction of Westeros some centuries ago, at the noble leadership of our great father(?) Aegon I. Whilst we live in exile amongst the Dothraki [unreadable], our tribes will unnite as one to salute the triple headed dragon.

Prepare to experience the delights and wonders of The Free City of Pentos on this evening that will ne'er be forgotten."

Source: AccessHollywood

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