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Ed Helms and Bill Hader to guest star in Mindy Kaling's FOX pilot

First, Kaling’s The Office co-star Ed Helms is in the show as a potential love interest. He’ll play Dennis, a Wall Street analyst who goes on a blind date with Kaling’s character Mira.

Next, Saturday Night Live and Superbad veteran Bill Hader has joined the pilot to play Kaling’s ex-boyfriend Tom. He’s described as “upbeat, humble, almost infinitely appealing boy-next-door type who has such perfect chemistry with Kaling’s character that it feels nearly too good to be true. Mira sees him as the living breathing equivalent of an early 80’s Tom Hanks.”

And finally, West Wing veteran Richard Schiff will appear in the episode, too, as a former free spirit who’s now “a menschy but accomplished OBGYN.” The character “makes up Yiddish stuff hoping no one will catch him, is terrible with technology and tells stories about the 60s and 70s.”

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