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Adams TV Teasers - 22nd March - Supernatural, Castle, True Blood & More...

Hey guys,

It's TV Teaser time, and we've got some great tid-bits from the final few episodes of the season.

From Supernatural to Criminal Minds, it's a full pack of goodies today, so enjoy!

Episode 7.22 is called "There Will Be Blood"

In the episode is Emily, who is quite a timid looking young woman, but be wary... :O
I say be wary as she has been the prisoner of a very, very powerful monster for a long, long time.

Episode 1.11

An additional role in the episode is Kenji, who is an Asian football fan who is determined to break a world record.
In the series of connections it also emerges she is the survivor of a tsunami.

True Blood
Episode 5.08 is called "Somebody That I Used To Know"

The episode has no relevance to this:

However it does have some relevance to a large wolf pack that faces a chance in leadership, as well as a long distance runner finding himself having to outrun a pack.

Episode 4.22 is called "Undead Again"

Guest star in the episode is Pete Thompson, who is a grad student whose fiancée has had an affair with the murder victim. Could he be a culprit?
The "Undead" of the title could come from Zombie Joe, who is a regular participant in Zombie Walks (what they are I don't know :P)
Other co stars who enjoy walking like a zombie are Rhett, an anthropologist and Paul, a personal assistant. Allen and Jen however are people that like being chased by zombies. I promise I'm not making this up...

How I Met Your Mother
Episode 7.23 is called "Trilogy Time"

In the episode is Rhiannon who is one of Ted's fantasies and Chester, who is a little baffled by Barney's unusual behaviour!

Episode 7.24 is called "The Magician's Code"

Barney gets in trouble with airport security over a metal box that he's trying to take on a plane, whilst in flashbacks a magic teacher is secretly sleeping with his mother.

Episode 1.22

The Woman in Black is making an appearance. I assume we don't mean the one that Daniel Radcliffe recently had a duel with, but rather a Grimm with a secret past.
She's also recurring for next season, so it's a big role!

Hawaii 5-0
Episode 2.21 is called "Pa Make Loa"

The team find themselves chasing down a bio-terrorist who is threatening to (shocker) unleash a deadly bio-hazard/virus on the island.

Criminal Minds
Episodes 7.23/24

In what is a double episode, there is a Bank robbery in effect which sees guest characters Izzy and Chris seeking revenge.
One role potentially not making it past part one is the Bank Manager who is unlikely to appear in 7.24.

Burn Notice
Episode 6.03

In for a recurring role is the character of Ayn, who is another inmate at Allarod Penitentiary. She is a cunning little weasel who knows how to play the jail system.

That's it for this week. Check back in a week for more!

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