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Adams TV Teasers - 14th March - Person of Interest, Castle, Glee, Touch, Grimm & More...

Hey Guys,

Some nice bits and pieces for you to chew into this week, covering shows as wide apart as Glee and Person of Interest. Dig in...

Episode 3.18

A potentially recurring character will enter the show in this episode.
His name is James Elliot and he is a man who dropped out of high school, became a young dad and then left his wife and kid.
He's also got a little bit of a sense of danger about him. Certainly an interesting character to be entering Glee...

The Mentalist
Episode 4.22 is called "So Long, And Thanks For All The Red Snapper"

In this episode there is a man who looks like a fire-fighter but he's not, a pretty fit blonde and an aging surfer dude.
The mystery revolves around a boat salvage company and a group of surfers who have connections to high places...
As always, there's a dangerous drug dealer who is connection to the case as well!

Episode 2.21

The current CIA director makes an appearance in this episode, as Nikita and her team go to him to stop Percy from obtaining some missile casings.
However, #mysterious voice alert# all is not as it seems......

The Good Wife
Episode 3.21

Is there some "bad apples" in the Illinois Judiciary? Guest star Klinenberg believes so, and is a big believer in finding out the truth!
The whole episode revolves around a conspiracy in a sentence passed many years ago in an episode that sounds very intriguing!

Up All Night
Episode 1.23 is called "Hey, Jealousy"

Ava gets herself partying with a group of Silver Fox Asian men who rope her into a rendition of Lady Gaga's Poker Face. Expect laughs here...

Burn Notice
Episode 6.01 is called "Mixed Messages"

The new season begins with a new character called D.B who is a prison inmate and the self-appointed "Queen of the Cellblock."
She certainly wastes no time in making her presence felt when Fiona enters the prison.

Boardwalk Empire
Episode 3.03

A potentially recurring role is a priest called Father Schuck, who is a German American.

Episode 1.20 is called "Happily Ever Aftermath"

Grimm's big guest star of the episode is Lucinda, who is drop dead gorgeous and is someone who has led a half tragic, half magical life. Think Cinderella.
Also in the episode is Lucinda's storybook "Prince Charming." He's called Arthur, and seems to be living the perfect, lavish life.

The Middle
Episode 3.23 is called "The Telling"

Classroom battle alert. When Mike writes his name down for signing up to a parent activity at school he discovers his name is erased and replaced by rival parent and new character Mitch.
The pair has a classroom showdown!

The Killing
Episode 2.12 is called "72 Hours"

In the episode is Dr. Ann Kerry, who is a professional who bears incredible patience.

Episode 4.21 is called "Headhunters"

The murder victims dad is Brian Reilly, who is a man without emotion and incredibly dangerous!

Episode 1.10

Some characters to connect into the story are three Hebrew speaking characters. Kamilah and Tomer are a Palestinian girl and Israeli boy who are in a forbidden romance.
Moshe is a Jewish diamond dealer who takes a disliking to the pair of lovers.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Episode 12.20 is called "Altered Stakes"

The team learns that a criminal may get out of prison after the death of a cop reveals that the prisoner’s confession was given under duress...

Person of Interest
Episode 1.20 is called "Matsya Nyaya"

Two guys working in an armoured truck are about to have a radical change to their lives. I guess some something will be hitting the fan, and these two everymen will end up in the middle of it.
In this big episode, there is also a team of Seal's, an aggressive CIA Field Operative and an overworked doctor.

Hope there's plenty of stuff you're interested in, and check back soon for even more TV Teasers!

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Source: SpoilerTV

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