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Site Updates, Facebook, and Improved Page Loading Speed *Updated 13th Feb 2012*

Update: 13th We made a few more tweaks to the site to get the average load time below 10 seconds. Back in December the average load time was over 22 seconds which was unacceptable to me and our readers.

We've optimized a number of scripts and removed the Badgeville "leaderboard" widget. If you want to see the leaderboard you can still see it on the Movies Page.

We've also optimized the site further for those users using the Google Chrome browser and you should see even quicker load times. So now's the time to start using Chrome if you don't already.

We'll try to to further improve the performance over the next few weeks.

Hopefully you'll notice the slightly improved speed times.

Any questions, as usual, don't hesitate in asking away in the comments.


Hey all,

Over the last few days you may have noticed some changes to the SpoilerTV site. We've been doing this to improve the page loading speed.

These changes have resulted in a the Avg page loading times from being 20 Seconds on average to now under 12 seconds.

The changes that we've implemented are

1) Removal of the Facebook Like Button. This was one of the main causes of slowdowns. Relying on Facebook servers being fast and available was something we could not deal with anymore, so we've removed it.

2) Badgeville Activities Widget. This widget which showed all the activities on the site has been removed. It was another major cause of slowdowns as well as using a lot of memory.

3) We've gone through a lot of the behind the scenes code to optimize it.

4) The site has been optimized for Google Chrome, the fastest and most reliable browser currently.

5) We've also optimized the speed of the Gallery and the Forum so you should see an increase in speed on both of these.

6) We've also removed the GetGlue button due to speed issues

If you have any questions or problems, please let us know in the comments below.

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