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Monk to Return to TV in 2-hour Movie

MY9TV.COM - Monk, the "obsessive, compulsive detective" is coming back with a brand new show. It's been two and a half years since Adrian Monk had a new crime to solve on his hit TV show.

And for Monk fans like Tonya, it's been a long time of hoping for some new episodes. Tonya Reiman says, “I love Monk. Why? He just demonstrates everything there is about someone who doesn't care, but cares, if that makes any sense.”

But now, we've learned exclusively that Monk is coming back to first-run TV. And the details come from Andy Breckman, the show's creator. Breckman says, “Just today as we did this interview, I just finished writing a Monk movie.”

You heard it right. A Monk movie is coming and it will be shot this summer in California. Breckman says, “Monk did such a great job that I want to do it again.”

But in the meantime, Breckman continues his other passion, a weekly radio show in Jersey City on WFMU, a small listener-sponsored radio station. The show is called “The 7 Second Delay.” Breckman has been doing it with partner Ken Freedman for 20 years.
He calls it stunt radio.

Breckman says, “It means every week we come up with ideas that we've never heard any other show do before.” And he sat down before the microphone even while "Monk" was in production. Breckman says, “On Wednesdays I would occasionally sneak away, lie about where I was going, do my radio show. Sometimes there were problems on the set of monk, and I felt very guilty.”

But he continued to broadcast. And this week he's pitching for the non-profit station's yearly marathon, to keep WFMU afloat. So what about his new Monk project? Breckman tells us it will be a two-hour made for TV movie, with a political theme.

Breckman says, “I'll even tell you the title of it. 'Mr. Monk for Mayor'. He runs for mayor of San Francisco.” Breckman expects you'll see the new Monk show this December, and he's hoping it will have a sequel.

Remember, you can catch back to back episodes of "Monk" every Friday beginning at 8pm, right here on My9.

Source: my9tv