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Thanks to TvShows_Fan for the heads up.

Reynolds: Any chance Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) will come back to House before it ends? Please say yes!
Cuddy fans, we feel your pain! But sadly, we are told by show insiders there are no plans at this time to bring Lisa Edelstein back to the show, and she's currently vacationing abroad so might not even be available if asked. Take your pleas/grievances to our comments section! We'd also love to see Jennifer Morrison, but I'm told that also a long shot as she'd have to get permission from ABC (she's under contract now for Once Upon a Time).

Paigerzzz22: Is there any word on Jeremy yet for TVD? I already miss him!!
Fret not, we have not seen the last of Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen)! "We will see Jeremy before the season's over," executive producer Julie Plec teases. "That's about all I can say on that." We'll take it!

Kitademare: TVD?
What? Our scoop-filled post following last night's epic episode was not enough for you?! Alright, here are two more teases. You're welcome in advance.
1. Expect to see a lot more of Meredith (Torrey DeVitto). "It's possible," Plec says of bringing DeVitto on full-time. "We're still talking about it." And yes, we will be seeing that psycho side of Dr. Fell that her now dead ex-boyfriend warned Alaric (Matt Davis) about. Nobody does psycho like Nanny Carrie, y'all!
2. When Tyler (Michael Trevino) returns (he will in the Spring!), it won't be as a Klaroline fan. Duh. "There's nothing worse than going away, putting yourself through endless and eternal agony to break a bond to some guy when you come back to town you realize he's been putting the moves on your girl," Plec says.

Tiff: Are we ever going to revisit Santana's coming out storyline on Glee?
Oh, yeah. Gloria Estefan just told us she can't wait to really "have it out" with Santana's (Naya Rivera) grandmother over her daughter's sexuality. And then there's the song they're all singing…basically, just prepare for some fireworks when Gloria comes to Glee!

Jesse in Laguna Beach, Calif.: Do we have any hope for Zoe and Wade being together in Hart of Dixie? I'm guessing Zoe and George will have some type of romantic plot, but in the end it's got to be all Wade, right??
Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) clearly have amazing chemistry, but it doesn't help that he seems to have chemistry with anyone that has a pulse. Case in point, there's an episode coming up where Wade is going to turn on the charm for someone who is not Zoe. The good news is that this other woman will be appalled that he's hitting on her…at least at first. Looks like it'll be more of the waiting game for Zoe-Wade fans.

Shawn: I'll take anything you've got on Suburgatory! It's so cute!
Mommy's home! Yes, we will finally meet George's (Jeremy Sisto) ex and Tess' (Jane Levy) mom in an upcoming episode and learn more about the family's past. So what's she like? Well, she's kind of a neurotic mess.

tinieyhasbi: We will get to see Lucy Messer before this season ends right? #CSINY
We think the odds of seeing the littlest Messer are very good. Co-executive producer Trey Callaway tells us: "Whenever we can continue that [Danny, Lindsay and Lucy] story we absolutely do because we recognize the value it has to the viewers, but also because it's really fun to write those scenes." Add that to showrunner Pam Veasey's promise and it could be a sure bet: "We'll try to see a glimpse of Lucy...it would be fitting to know where Lucy is before the year's out."

Colette: Please tell me One Tree Hill ends on a happy note! This season is already killing me!
Would it be One Tree Hill if you weren't put through the emotional wringer each week? Hate to break it to you, but the only thing creator Mark Schwahn promised us was an ending. "I believe in emotional resolution for the characters. I don't believe in story resolution meaning, 'this is where everybody ends,'" he says. "Sometimes the end is the beginning." But fear not, because he showed the finale to the cast, and they were satisfied, which is good enough for us! "[The cast was] really proud of it and I feel like the fans will be, too. I wouldn't end 180 episodes of a show with a cliffhanger," he laughs to us.

Ariel: Can you PLEASE post some news about Alcatraz? It is by far my favorite new show in a long time.
Was that all-caps "please" a way to scold us? How dare you! Actually, we love Alcatraz, too, so we're ashamed we haven't given up more scoop. Remedying that in three, two, one...the team will have a case coming up involving an inmate named Webb who's described as intelligent and edgy. Not too scary, right? Oh, did we forget to mention he'll be very much like Anthony Perkins from Psycho? Yikes. Let's hope Webb doesn't have the same mommy issues.

Source: E!Online

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