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Justified - Season 3 - Interview with Erica Tazel & Jacob Pitts

Where are your characters at this season?
ERICA TAZEL: We’re back in the daily grind of what we do in the office, assisting each other or not, or being sent on other duties that we, unfortunately, don’t get to see on the show. We’re just back up to regular old marshal duties.
JACOB PITTS: There’s the same sassy banter between Tim and Raylan (Timothy Olyphant). That’s really all I have to say about it.

What new threats are you facing this season, now that Mags Bennett (Margo Martindale) and most of her kin are gone?
PITTS: The main threat seems to come from Robert Quarles, who’s played by Neal McDonough. He’s a criminal, but he stands in for some corporate raider. His attire is very much a business suite, and his style sounds like a Pan-American newscaster type of voice. He’s terrifying, upper middle class who’s come to kill us all. He’s the main threat. And then, there’s a character named Ellstin Limehouse, played by Mykelti Williamson, who is certainly imposing and has his own strengths, and leads up a black community, called Noble’s Holler, which was founded by newly freed slaves after the Civil War, that we haven’t heard of, until this point. That’s a part of Harlan. Limehouse has his own agenda and his own priorities. He could be a threat, but I wouldn’t say he’s inherently evil, like Robert Quarles.

Source: Full interview @ Collider