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FRINGE FRIDAY - 4.14 The End of All Things

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It's been one heck of a season so far! A lot of storylines are being seamlessly blended together in a way that works out better than I think many fans were expecting! I wonder what the ramifications are for invading your own timeline after your existence has been erased? Something tells me we'll soon see... In the meantime, we've had nothing but incredible little moments of pure character-driven ecstasy...or should I say LSD?

One after the other, these episodes have brought out the best in these actors once again in a way we couldn't have forecast! Now we have a completely new Olivia, (in a similar situation to the other Olivia before) remembering another Olivia's life as her own, and embracing the love she feels for Peter. Peter knows what happened last time, but in the last moments of last week's installment, he made a bold move and claimed that he knew it had to be his Olivia. And they kissed sweetly, and all was good, right?


At the last moment we see that Olivia has been kidnapped, along with Nina Sharp. Nina reassures her adopted and beloved Olivia that they will be ok. Now we know how Nina can be both really creepy/shady most of the time, yet still not be evil: it's because this Nina raised Olivia, and would likely not put her in harm's way. I suppose this means that the Other Nina has invaded This Nina's life, and so the question is this: When did the switch take place? Nina didn't look like she had been there long, so was she still responsible for the Cortexiphan injections? Or was that the alternate Nina? Perhaps the Alternate Nina has been over here for a while, and occasionally "stops by" as This Nina to dose her with Cortexiphan for DRJ?

Either way, there's a lot of questions we all have as viewers, and as the promos for "The End of All Things" seems to promise, we WILL have our answers!

These questions mainly contain the phrase "WHO ARE THE OBSERVERS?" And it seems that this, one of-if not THE biggest-mysteries of the show will be answered tonight. How awesome is that? I think from the beginning of this season, the producers have planned to finally let the cat out of the bag, since they probably know that season 4 is the end. I have a feeling that from here on out, there may be a shift in the dynamic or pacing of the show. Not to say that I think they will abandon the story of the week or anything, I just think that with this episode and upcoming episodes, they will probably have more answers coming our way than new questions. And honestly, if done well, this could be an incredible ending to an amazing story, or it could be the last part of a selection in a series, and continue if the FOX execs and WB can come to an understanding. Either way, I think that we're in for something special this friday night, so we need to count our blessings in that we still are able to watch new installments of one of the most inventive and gorgeously-produced, terrifically-written and acted series in the history of television. I don't know of any recent movies that have had this caliber of talent behind it, doing so much with so little, so I am just so excited that tonight WE GET SOME ANSWERS.

As Peter put it in the promo: "Who...or what are you?"

So, the question is...

Who else is ready for FRINGE FRIDAY!???


I've crafted a spotify playlist for all you FRINGE fans out there who will be pining away for the new episode all day! From selected tracks related to promoting FRINGE to the score of FRINGE itself, some hand-picked tracks that keep with the mood, and even the latest SPOILERTV PODCAST that covers FRINGE has been loaded into this playlist for your entertainment! So, while you're at work, keep your excitement level at a peak with these tracks!
(FEATURING: Violet Sedan Chair, The Secret Meeting, Chad Seiter, Massive Attack, and many more!)

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