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Fringe Friday - 4.11 - Making Angels

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First let me start off with an apology: I skipped last week's FF accidentally when I stayed out later than usual and just completely forgot about it! However, let's get back on track here, people! Last week's episode focused on a youth haunted by imminent death. In the end, tragically, we realized what was actually bothering her all along: she was witnessing her own death...caused by the very ability that allowed her to perceive the deaths of others. In true Fringe tradition, it was both a very tragic and beautiful episode...however, it was a startling pop off of the main plot, which has shifted from "Where is Peter Bishop?" to "Where the **** is Peter Bishop, and WTF is David Robert Jones doing alive!? And why is Nina such a shady chick!?...oh and Where is Peter Bishop?"

However, we all know that the main storyline of the first half of season 4 is second fiddle to the real prize of this episode, as I will discuss below!


After last week's episode, here's to hoping that we can get back on track with "Making Angels"...the very first "Astrid-centric" episode! I'm personally ecstatic about this because she hardly gets a chance to really shine as an awesome character unless she's being used as a super-knowledge dispenser to push the plot along easily (She navigated her way through "The First People" puzzle in about 15 minutes after it took all the Sam Weiss's out there hundreds of years to research and hypothesize millions of years' worth of hidden clues in the earth's crust...) or as a lean-to for another character's need for catharsis... So, for her to be the focus of the story for a full episode (and to have both Astrids in one place for once!) we're once again reminded of our wonderful writers' abilities to give us anything and everything we could possibly want to happen with our favorite characters (of course along the way, there's also MANY things we'd never wish on our poor set of characters as well!) and just how far these actors are willing to lose themselves in "slightly different versions of ourselves..."

So, who else is pumped for FRINGE FRIDAY!?
Here is your platform to post all your thoughts, worries, emotions, and theories on FRINGE! I leave you this post to discuss our great show for the entirety of FRIDAY so that you guys have a proper place to meet up and express yourselves! So, get to it!


I've crafted a spotify playlist for all you FRINGE fans out there who will be pining away for the new episode all day! From selected tracks related to promoting FRINGE to the score of FRINGE itself, some hand-picked tracks that keep with the mood, and even the latest SPOILERTV PODCAST that covers FRINGE has been loaded into this playlist for your entertainment! So, while you're at work, keep your excitement level at a peak with these tracks!
(FEATURING: Violet Sedan Chair, The Secret Meeting, Chad Seiter, Massive Attack, and many more!)

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