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Community - Giancarlo Esposito to guest star + filming of season 3 wrapped up

First of all :

Thanks Andy (DarkUFO) for telling me how to quote on Blogger.

Source : Me.

Second of all, a very exciting news that I found on Vulture, thanks to Alison Brie tweeting about it :

Tonight, comedy-loving Americans will suffer through another NBC Thursday night lineup devoid of the joy that is Community. So how about some news to salve your pain : Vulture has learned that Breaking Bad star and future Emmy-winner Giancarlo Esposito is paying a visit to the Greendale gang. If your face hasn't melted off yet, read on for some details about his character.

We've confirmed that Esposito will appear in an upcoming episode as a business associate of Pierce's late father, Cornelius Hawthorne. While the exact reason for his visit is being kept under wraps, we're going to assume that anyone related to Pierce's racist dad can't be a particularly nice guy. Which is just fine by us, since Esposito (who played chicken-and-meth-king Gus Fring on Breaking Bad, just in case you didn't know) has the whole "antagonist" thing down pat. Esposito began work on his Community episode this week. Just when Esposito's half-hour will air is unclear, in part because NBC has not yet set a return date for the show.

Source : Vulture.

Furthermore, Alison Brie tweeted a picture of her on set, today. As it turns out, it was the final day of shooting. Episode 3.22 wrapped up, ending the shooting of the Junior year of Community. Let's make assumptions on the content of the finale based on what she's wearing :

And Neil Goldman, executive producer on episodes 1.02 to 1.09 and executive producer on all of season 3 (he is credited as writer on episode 3.01), answered a few questions on Twitter. Here's some that I thought were interesting :

Q : Did you consider other sideburns shapes before deciding on Starburns?
A : Nope. Dan pitched Starburns first day and we all laughed.

Q : Any more Cougar Town/Community crossovers planned?
A : Maybe.

Q : Is there another paintball finale?
A : No, but there is more paintball.

Q : Hardest episode to write this season?
A : Oof. Last five have been killers. Of ones that have aired, Chaos Theory was a toughie for obvious reasons.

Q : Does season 3 conclude in a way that it could be the end if it doesn't get renewed?
A : No, because it won't be.

Source : Neil Goldman's twitter feed.