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Being Human (UK) - Episode 4.03 - The Graveyard Shift - Dialogue Teasers

“Christ, not another one! How many servants does this house have?”

“Kill me, seriously, kill me now. You can tell Annie I *******d *** or something”

“Do you ever picture the streets full of bones, like after a war, and everybody is dead but you”

“You’ve seen my life; **** t**t ****** ****, sharing a bathroom with 14 Polish builders. Someone like me wouldn’t stand a chance with someone like you otherwise”

“I can’t believe I found you working here, with a dog”

“Let’s just say it’s not **** *** *y ********* to play in that arena”

“I like your tights. They look like bees and I like bees”

“Closing early. Sorry. We found a, err, we found a dead dog. In the oven. Health and safety”

“I promised George I would do whatever it takes to keep her safe, and I guess this is what it takes”

“Hal, stop being such a wally”

“Most of my ******s *** *********. There’s a couple of them in the hoover”

“It’s good to be back”

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