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The SpoilerTV+ Dashboard *Updated 12th March 2017*

Update: 12th March 2017 Another big update here.

[NEW] - The Site is now fully mobile and tablet friendly (If you find any problems please let us know in the comments)
[FIXED] - Some Charts would not load fully in their popup.
[FIXED] - Network Pages have been tidied and fixed
[FIXED] - Notifications have been tidied
[NEW] - The new mobile menu now has all options available
[FIXED] - The Calendar Page now displays better on various devices
[FIXED] - Various small refinements on show pages
[UPDATE] - Help Documentation has been updated to reflect new screen shots and changes
[FIXED] - Pagination on certain screens would not always work.

Update: 8th March 2017 Our first update for over a year :) Thanks to Haley who has joined the team for getting these changes/fixes in place. We'll also be working on some new features and making the dashboard work better on Tablets and Mobiles.

For now here are some quick fixes/updates.

[FIXED] - Pagination has been fixed allowing you to navigate easily through to old articles
[FIXED] - The Compare Seasons chart is now working again
[FIXED] - Database and Performance Improvements
[FIXED] - Ratings Form Embed Code should now correctly set the height

Update: 28th December 2015 Some minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Update: 10th August 2015 A couple of updates.

[CHANGE] - Favourites have been increased from 60 to 100
[NEW] - Articles that you have previously read are now colored differently so that you can easily spot the new articles.
[FIXED] - Long Episode Titles are now truncated to avoid any UI issues
[FIXED] - The new style Polls now work in STV+

Update: 1st August 2015 A number of changes have just been released,

[NEW] - In addition to Season Premieres, Season Finales are now color coded on the Calendar so that you can easily pick out the Premiere and Finale Episodes.
[FIXED] - Problems with creating new accounts should be fixed
[FIXED] - Some minor bug fixes
[FIXED] - Shows that don’t have ratings eg Netflix, Yahoo etc show now not display in the Ratings charts/popup tables.
[CHANGE] - Site has undergone a visual re-fresh to tidy up various screens and to make items more readable.
[CHANGE] - MTV and Netflix now have their own section in the Favorites Config Screen
[CHANGE] - All Advertisments have been removed
[CHANGE] - Site should run about 40% quicker due to various optimizations
[CHANGE] - Comment Counts are now removed due to a change in Disqus API. As a result pages should load quicker

Hey all,

As some of you may or may not know we've been working on a great little feature that we hope you'll really enjoy and find useful.

It's the SpoilerTV Plus Dashboard.

Before we get into the details I would just like to say a few words of thanks to our lead Developer, Tharshan (http://twitter.com/viperfx09), who has done this all in his spare time and at zero cost. I owe him a massive debt of thanks as well as a large quantity of beer.

I'd also like to thank Jason another developer who has just come on board to help with the future development of this.

And lastly to all the Beta testers who have helped shape the product and as well as finding the bugs!

So what is SpoilerTV Plus Dashboard?

Basically it's a complete frontend for all SpoilerTV users to customise their SpoilerTV experience. This does NOT replace the existing SpoilerTV.com site, this is like an added extra. Some of the key features are:

- Customisable Show Favourites to display just the information you want.
- Comprehensive Episode Database from over 280 shows
- The Episode Database will have future episodes titles for a large number of shows before any other site.
- Calendar Features to see when your shows are on
- Quick access to Promotional Photos, Promos, Sneak Peeks and Press Releases.
- Popular Shows and Network Charts
- Highly Configurable with more configuration options coming.

To access the site you go here


Please take some time to read the online help file here


And you can see the recent changes in our Release Notes here


We also have a dedicated Twitter Account for all STVPlus news and updates here. It is HIGHLY recommended that you follow this account to be kept up to date with any updates and downtimes etc.


This is just the first release of the system and there are likely to be some issues. If you have any questions, suggestions, bugs etc please use the Feedback from here.


Or in the comments below, or by emailing me directly.

All the above links can be easily found on the STVPlus dashboard.

As mentioned this is just the first of several releases we have planned for STVPlus and new releases will have new features and functionality.

Some of the things we hope to include are: Support for Multiple Sneak Peeks, Ratings Statistics, Improved Calendar, Article Sorting, User Submission Forms, Email Alerts, Browser Notifications, Colour Themes, Mobile Support, as well as any ideas you come up with.

This is all brought to you free of charge thanks to the awesome developers, helpers and the SpoilerTV team who help populate this data for you.

So jump on in to http://www.stvplus.com and let us know what you think in the comments.

About The SpoilerTV Daily Newsreel

Every day 100's of items are submitted to us and we don't always have the time to make separate posts for the news and/or there is so much that it would quickly push all other items off the homepage.

So a result we've come up with the idea of the Newsreel, which will feature smaller shows and news items as they happen.

There will be a new Newsreel each day, and as news is added we will update the post and and push it back to the top of the site so that you can see that new items have been added. A tweet of the item will also be sent to our @SpoilerTV account.

New Items will be listed at the top of the article.

This will allow us to provide more news on more shows in a much more timely fashion
About Movie News Roundup

Rather that creating lots of new posts as new info is released and fragmenting the commentary, we thought it would be a good idea for the upcoming major movies to create a single post for each major movies that will collate all the info as it's posted.

New items will be added to the top of the list as well as the post being re-posted back to the top of the homepage when a new item is added. We will additionally send out a fresh tweet alerting you of the new information.

This will allow you to bookmark this page so that you can return to it whenever you like. It will also help consolidate all the discussion on this movie in a central place and make it less likely that you'll miss some key information.