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The Walking Dead - Episode 2.08 - Nebraska - Michael Raymond-James Guest Starring

The two mystery men in The Walking Dead mid-season premiere 'Nebraska' clip that you can watch below have been identified as actors Aaron Munoz and Michael Raymond-James.

Munoz will play Tony and James is playing Dave, two of a few new survivors that will cross paths with Rick's group. According to the casting call, Dave is a charming and friendly guy from a city in the Northeast and has spent a significant amount of time in low-rent bars. He’s able to disarm with a smile, but can quickly turn dangerous. He is the seemingly nice guy who is ruthless and cunning.
Tony is quick tempered and does not present himself as intelligent as Dave. He likes women, food, and guns.

Both roles are being labeled as "guest stars" and should be around for 4 episodes.

Source: SpoilerTV