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The TV Award Conspiracy - Huffington Post Article On People's Choice Awards

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Here's an article that sure to intrigue the various fans of the site, written by Laura Prudom of The Huffington Post. You can read the opening paragraphs below, before continuing with the rest of the article through the link at the bottom!

It's all in relation to last night's Peoples Choice Awards, and as Captain Edmund Blackadder once said, "I smell something fishy, and I'm not talking about the contents of Baldrick's apple crumble."

Supernatural Wins At The People's Choice Awards, But Is There Evidence Of A Genre Conspiracy? by Laura Prudom

Genre shows have always been the red-headed stepchildren of network TV. That's why "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" never won -- heck, was never nominated -- in a lead Emmy category. It's why "Firefly" and "Jericho" were unceremoniously cancelled by trigger-happy execs years before their time. And it's also why envelope-pushing, groundbreaking series such as "Fringe" never seem to receive the accolades they so richly deserve, regardless of how awesome John Noble is.

Sure, "True Blood" and "The Walking Dead" are occasionally allowed to defy the genre curse because they're cable shows -- though they're also somewhat less consistent in quality -- but generally, us Whovians, Trekkies, Browncoats, Nerd Herders and the like have become accustomed to having our tastes ignored or disparaged by mainstream awards ceremonies like the Golden Globes and Emmys.

If there's one award ceremony we can occasionally count on to reflect our nerdy interests, it's the People's Choice Awards, largely because we're the ones doing the voting, so no actual energy has to be expended by industry insiders in coming up with a winner. It's a point of pride for many fans who vote non-stop for weeks to try and earn their favorite shows the recognition they merit, whether it's tweeting out People's Choice nominations or developing carpal tunnel entering TV Guide's Fan Favorite cover contest, in which an underrated show can win a coveted place on the magazine's front cover through a Facebook poll.

The CW's "Supernatural," a resilient and unpredictable drama, now in its seventh season, which currently averages just under two million viewers per episode, for example, is a show that has always relied on avid fan engagement. Its paltry rating is thanks, in part, to its unenviable Friday night time slot opposite Fox's equally quirky "Fringe," because all genre shows are inevitably relegated to the so-called end-of-week "Death Slot" when networks grow bored of trying to pair them with incompatible time slot companions (see also: "Chuck" and "Grimm" on NBC).

It's not heavily promoted on The CW's line-up -- which is understandable, given that shows in their seventh years don't generally pick up a slew of new viewers -- but it was still the recipient of TV Guide's very first Fan Favorite Cover, and the winner of two People's Choice Awards last night.

So why complain about a genre TV conspiracy? Because, despite the fact that one of "Supernatural's" wins was the prestigious "Favorite Network TV Drama" award, up against ratings heavy-hitters like "The Good Wife," "Grey's Anatomy," "House" and The CW's most successful show, "The Vampire Diaries," the People's Choice Awards producers neglected to announce its victory during the live show. Instead, both of "Supernatural" wins, for Drama and Sci-fi/Fantasy, were broadcast during the pre-show coverage, which streamed online and was aired on Reelzchannel, but many fans weren't aware, judging by some of the Twitter reactions last night.

Obviously, it would be impossible to fit 43 awards categories into a two-hour live telecast that already seemed embarrassingly over-saturated with product placement, sponsorship tie-ins (the cheesy CVS segment, in particular, was utterly cringe-inducing) and incessant commercials, as well as two ill-advised performances from Demi Lovato and Faith Hill. We don't expect CBS to bend the laws of physics, here.

Read the second half of the article HERE

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Source: TheHuffingtonPost

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