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Out of Time - Rachel Nichols and Victor Webster cast? show to be retitled?

Jon Cassar's twitter indicates he is currently filming the Out of Time pilot with Rachel Nichols (Criminal Minds, Alias) and Victor Webster (Melrose Place, Mutant X, Harper's Island) and the show may be retitled

the 10-episode first season is set to air on Showcase in spring 2012.

Kyra is alone, in a strange land, in pursuit of nine of the most ruthless criminals from the year 2077 after they managed to escape execution through a rift in time. Armed with advanced technology, her most powerful weapon – a multi-tasking wearable second skin that doubles as a communication device – is malfunctioning. As Kyra calls for backup on her suit’s command frequency, Alex Sadler – a current-day tech genius – hears her call. Kyra wants to get home but first she must use the resources available to track and capture these terrorists before they alter history, changing the course of the future forever.

I have personally read extracts from the script and it looks to be a fun sci-fi show with a complex mythology.
Source: Twitter