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King - Season 2 character bios

JESSICA KING (Amy Price-Francis)

As a Homicide Detective, Jessica King sees things that everyone else misses: in crime scenes, in evidence, in the motivations of the suspects. A fearless and imaginative lateral thinker, her unique eye for detail turns cases around. And she has a rare quality: Jess doesn’t need to be liked. She says the things we think but wouldn’t dare say. She also says things we wouldn’t dare think. That’s fun – but it can also get her into trouble. Colleagues may resent her, but King’s fierce intelligence, passion for her job, disarming honesty and wicked sense of humour override their doubts.

As the head of the Major Crimes Task Force, Jessica King’s got one of the most challenging gigs in the Police Service – she has to solve the toughest, most high profile, and sensitive of cases. Her husband Danny is back from the brink. And she’s pregnant. Under the pressure of a bigger workload from Chief Graci, Jess brings new talent into the office. The team finally feels like it’s hers. Which doesn’t necessarily mean she can always control it. It can be a volatile group, and King will have to manage some interpersonal craziness while she juggles the pressure of the pregnancy. King isn’t sure it’s a bad thing that Danny’s back to being a patrol cop. Uniforms don’t have a fink fund to skim from. And the Guns and Gangs guys are pretty rough around the edges. Besides – Danny looks good in that uniform.

DEREK SPEARS (Alan Van Sprang)

Spears plays by the old school handbook and is a little rough around the edges, a bit primal. He’s the kind of guy who lives in five o’clock shadow. He starts the season wondering where he fits in – in life and on the job. At work there are two new team members who look like they prefer protein shakes to beer. (Nothing makes Spears feel more old school than watching a young cop eating quinoa salad.) The dynamics have changed with King too – no more late nights drinking single malt. King will be calling on Martin and Ingrid to do some of the stuff that he used to do on the unit. Spears will tell himself that it has nothing to do with the quality of his work - it’s personal. He’s still the better cop, it’s just that King knows that he’s the father of her baby, and she’s punishing him for it. But, Spears has some tricks up his sleeve and the patience to wait for Jess to see the light.

DANNY SLESS (Gabriel Hogan)

Danny’s young, energetic and he’s got a life plan. He’s going to be a dad. His marriage rocks - mostly. Or it will – he just needs to make a couple of adjustments. Like paying off those loan sharks. (Most of them.) Like swearing off cards and the track. Like promising King he’ll go to Gambler’s Anonymous. Danny feels good. He feels strong. Except...as punishment for skimming from the Guns and Gangs fink fund, Danny’s been busted back down to uniform. Given the fact that his partner was arrested for murder and tried to smear Danny, Graci will never be sure how much money Danny did take. So he’s given him the benefit of the doubt and a chance to start over. At the bottom. Despite this major setback, Danny’s not deterred. He’s determined to get back where he belongs – working as a Detective – even though it means having to prove himself all over again. As a “first responder” Jess and Danny’s paths will cross more often. Which isn’t always as romantic as it seems. And when it comes to gambling? Well, few addicts can quit on the first try. Danny is trying. But the habit is strong. Very strong. Very very strong…


Graci is young for the job by most standards. He prefers not to call his task “cleaning up” the Toronto Police Service, but “modernizing the culture”. He may be progressive, but Graci’s no pushover. He knows how to play old school, bare-knuckle politics - and he’ll fight dirty if he really has to. He’s way tougher than he looks. This season, a demanding mayor and unilateral decision to cut the Police Service budget by 10% has left Graci no choice but to make some tough decisions. The one unit he won’t touch, though, is the MCTF. He plans to use King as a lightning rod – giving the rank and file someone other than himself to direct their anger at when their overtime gets cut. Graci likes King but he’s a survivor and knows he might have to throw her to the wolves to save his skin. Until then, he’ll work closely with her. He might even insist on joining King in one of her investigations.

PEN MARTIN (Rossif Sutherland)

A sneaker wearing, mostly vegan, intensely private guy. Sexy in a Buddhist proverb kind of way. Substance wrapped in an unusual package. Raised by a Margot Kidder-style mom on the Sunshine Coast, no one would have ever expected Pen Martin to work in law enforcement. To him, it was the logical progression of a guy who’d been taught to question everything. His fascination with human nature drew him to Surveillance where he could observe, study and put all the pieces together. But the more he watched, the more he wanted to get inside people’s heads. Interrogation is the ultimate place to do it, and MCTF is going to get him there. With an unusual sort of charisma that can be disarming, Jess knew he’d be helpful in the field, and with some training, in the box. She also appreciates his ability to approach cases from a different, sometimes strange, angle. The fact that his presence is sure to irritate Spears is just an added bonus.
INGRID EVANS (Karen Robinson)

Tech savvy with killer research skills and just the right amount of sass, she’s a smart, motivated woman who sings to her plants to help them grow. With the ability to dig deeper and look for the clue under the clue, it’s hard to keep a secret from her. Maybe because she’s so good at keeping her own. She was a gutsy rising star at the Police Service until a tragic family situation took her focus; very suddenly she went from spending every available moment at work to looking after her sister’s three kids. She went from chasing down and cuffing bad guys to riding a desk in Organized Crime. This sudden lifestyle shift would make some bitter, but not Ingrid. It’s just sharpened her dry wit and gallows humour. Naturally helpful and diligent, she hasn’t minded letting other people take the glory, until recently when she started to question just who she was making look good. When Jess King appears on her doorstep, Ingrid gets the shot of adrenaline she needs to step out of the shadows and find herself again.


The only daughter of a devout Italian-Catholic mother, Taylor comes from a long line of boys in blue. Her father, uncle, and brothers are all cops. A small-town Canadian girl at heart, she’s more comfortable kicking back with a two-four in the back of a pick-up parked at the lake than drinking at a wine bar. But that doesn’t mean she’s not feminine - she’s got an irresistible tomboy sexiness that can make jeans and a pair of Converses as hot as any skirt and Louboutin heels. Raised by conservative parents to believe there’s clear right and wrong, Taylor’s a very moral cop, seeing things in black and white. It’s only when she’s partnered with Danny that she starts to see, and appreciate, the shades of grey. She loves the Argos and Super Nintendo (she likes bad guys you can kill by jumping on their head) and is a fiercely positive person. She’s got a boyfriend, but he’s not too keen about how much time she spends with her partner – both on and off the job. When you spend 8 hours a day with someone who represents your perfect guy, it can put a damper on your social life…

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