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Justified - Episode 3.02 - Cut Ties - Interview with Graham Yost

Let’s start with Raylan and Winona’s opening conversation. It’s nice that they were poking fun at their history.
Graham Yost: Tim [Olyphant] suggested that it go in that direction. The idea is it’s in her talking about how people will do what they’re gonna do, it’s hard to change them, that he realizes, oh, of course, Boyd’s been playing me.

Assistant Director Goodall: We never hear her first name. So that’s not Karen Sisco, with Goodall being the married name she kept when she got divorced?
I don’t know what you’re talking about. I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about. No, listen, we’re big fans of Carla, she enjoyed playing a marshal, we thought it would be fun to have her play a marshal again.

Is there room for her to come back?
Oh yeah. Part of it was, “Let’s see how much she enjoys being on the show.” You never know, in a subsequent season, if that’s a way we’d want to go.

Source: Full interview @ Entertainment Weekly