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Fringe - Season 4 - Joshua Jackson Responds to Kevin Reilly's Comments on Future

Joshua Jackson has replied to Reilly's comments on the outlook of a possible season 5 for Fringe, and he doesn't sound very happy about it.

“He could not have been more clear,” Jackson said. “He’s not running a charitable foundation. And if the show is really not making money [then that should be it]. But the important thing to me is that our writers are given a chance to finish the show because it’s a serialized show.”

I would like to point something out about the source article: Kevin Reilly was very upfront about the cost of this show even with its critical acclaim and rabid (if diminutive) fanbase. He stated plainly that Fringe was expensive and it was really struggling in the ratings, which are necessary to keep a show afloat on television. Simple as that. However, the way it was summarized by Mr. James Hibberd makes it sound much more crass. I would recommend anyone who missed the actual comments by Reilly to read them instead of Mr. Hibberd's take on them.

Source: EW