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FRINGE FRIDAY - Welcome to the Celebration!

Update: 14th Jan The winner of our Free Draw is Robert O'Donnell. You should be getting an email via facebook shortly. Thanks to everyone who took part and to Wilson and others for coordinating this.

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It's FRINGE Friday! Join us for a full day of FRINGE: From sharing fan-favorite content to a chance to WIN A FREE PRIZE! Come and partake in the festivities! We've got everything covered from coping with waiting for the premiere (A FRINGE FRIDAY SPOTIFY PLAYLIST) to in-depth analyses of the show thus far for you to give your thoughts on! So come on in!

As a fan since the pilot (and a lifelong fan long after the series finale will air) I wanted to take a moment to be grateful for everything you've provided me with as a viewer. You've taken the medium of television and you've expanded upon it, granting a small but highly motivated group of individuals an unparalleled vision of dystopia mixed with hope. You've assembled one of the most remarkable ensembles that's ever graced a television screen, and you've done it with an unyielding air of sophistication and style. Storytelling at its best when you hit your stride and fire on all cylinders.


Welcome to FRINGE FRIDAY, everyone! January 13, 2012 marks the return of the critically acclaimed FOX science fiction drama known simply as FRINGE. How spectacular is a name like that? It's not often I can read the title of a television show and think to myself "How clever!" It's a perfectly succinct title for a show about the outskirts of human nature, or a look into the metaphysical capabilities of those in tune with the outer reaches of technology. Technology is not a static idea, but rather the progressive direction in which humanity continuously strives to better his or her world through the use of tools that can be rebuilt and rethought to become something better and more amazing with every new iteration. It's a wondrous concept, and through the years we've seen some truly amazing events come to pass in the world of FRINGE, from resurrection to cross-dimensional travel. These simulated feats of ingenuity have brought a beautiful universe into our lives and no less on a weekly basis. And of course these inventions and exercises in human creation are multi-faceted and tend to share with viewers a glimpse into the land of "what could be" where nothing is more inherently potent in the narrative of FRINGE than the consequences of these innovations coming into fruition.


And now to the punchline: These wondrous and exciting experiments almost always end in tragedy. Welcome to the wonderful (woeful) world of FRINGE. Like I said: Consequences are the miracles and catastrophes...The results of either a calculative mind's time spent diligently in a world of research or the haphazard inclinations of a disturbed mind -- one of madness and brilliance in equal measure. The concepts and ideas of such incredible ability and design are often marred by a truly heinous occurrence that ruins or ends the lives of good people. The fabric of reality, time, stability, life, and all its hopeful possibilities begin to lose their definition. Laws are undone, and the world suffers for it. The hubris of the few gifted and resourceful alter and impact the lives of everyone else through their actions. Unforeseen consequences loom around each corner, threatening another bout of despair on the Fringe Division and anyone else thrown in the way of the world undoing itself.


If you're even a casual fan of FRINGE you know that the FRINGE events aren't the forefront of the story. No one would care if a black hole ripped open in the middle of a field that happens to have no intelligent life about it. No one would write, film, and display a story of the world ending sans the billions of souls, and all the animals of the world inhabiting it. No, FRINGE is not about the events. It's not about the cause of the events. It's about the consequences of the events. It's about the affect these FRINGE events have on the lives of the communities in which the planet is ceasing to be, from the damaging effects of experimentation. It's about the characters. How a man who lost his son too early saw a chance to rectify his transgressions and save his son. Or a woman who has overcome a childhood of abuse and emotionally damaging experiments can find a way to live a full life with a man she loves without being torn apart by a dying world. It's about a man accepting his role in the scheme of plans laid out that go beyond human comprehension and computation. It's about the redemption of tortured soul, the meaning of "family" to a division of people who have never really had a family in the first place and how they assemble to support and love one another. The characters, their actions, their emotions, and their motivations make up the collective conduit for how we as an audience perceive and judge the series of events that unfold throughout the story. It's through what Olivia and Peter and Walter feel, do, emote, or say that we acquire the real impact of these actions on the world. And for that I am thankful we have such an amazing group consisting of Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Lance Reddick, Jasika Nicole, Blair Brown, and many guest stars that all seem hand-picked for the roles that the writers flesh out and utilize in their own small parts.


It seems as though with this show more than any other show I've ever become a fan of, the writers and producers just can't let the dynamics of the show remain the same. They favor constantly tweaking and shifting the situation the characters of FRINGE find themselves in with each plot they thread throughout a season. They're damn good at it as well. They can throw a 9-month complete pregnancy and birth and the immediate removal of that whole series of events with the flick of a switch on a machine. They are master manipulators when it comes to throwing twists and turns at their audience out of seemingly nowhere. The last scene of "There's More than One of Everything" is burned into my eyes when the camera zoomed out to show that she was, in fact, standing in the World Trade Center. There have been countless moments in this show where the most subtle reveal can completely change the world around and leave us, the viewers with our mouths hanging ajar. At the end of "The Day We Died" I literally yelled "What the ****" at my television set in disbelief. We get to see more than one angle of the story, more than one outcome due to all the great resources packed into this narrative. If they shift the timeline, pop a character out and into a new series of events, or if they replace the main character with an infiltrating impostor, we start to get a look at how much we've come to be comfortable with the way things were...And it can make a viewer very uncomfortable to see the tiniest of nuances be removed or replaced in lieu of a frightening change of pace or character. This is all laid out for us by the wonderful combination of the writing, the acting, directing, and producing done by the eternally superior cast and crew of FRINGE. I won't say that every episode or every single plot line or all the stories have been perfect, but they have certainly been as close to perfection as I'd think possible on network television. Even the episodes that are subpar have moments of brilliance strewn throughout and are a decent cut above the average hour of television.


So ends my personal love letter to those who have brought to myself as well as millions of other people across the globe a 4 solid seasons of thoughtful and poignant entertainment. Thank you Fringe. Whether or not it ends May 2012 or continues through 2013, I've said my part: you're great and deserve so much more recognition than you receive. I hope that this little note of mine makes it into the hands of someone who can take this message to heart and feel all the more empowered to create and improve the world around us, be it through a positive action in the world, or through providing thought-provoking narratives on the silver screen.



I've crafted a spotify playlist for all you FRINGE fans out there who will be pining away for the new episode all day! From selected tracks related to promoting FRINGE to the score of FRINGE itself, some hand-picked tracks that keep with the mood, and even the latest SPOILERTV PODCAST that covers FRINGE has been loaded into this playlist for your entertainment! So, while you're at work, keep your excitement level at a peak with these tracks!
(FEATURING: Violet Sedan Chair, The Secret Meeting, Chad Seiter, Massive Attack, and many more!)


I am not acting alone here, people! I have enlisted some of Fringe's premier FRINGE fanatics to share with us something that they want to bring to the table! It can be anything from a stream of consciousness to a favorite video that captures an aspect of the show (much like lightning in a bottle!) and so they are posted below!


Adam’s Fringe Character A-Z - The 26 Most Important People of Fringe!

Astrid – Astrid has emerged over Fringe’s four seasons as a character than everyone can relate to and enjoy; she is clearly meant within the show as a device of reason, normalcy and understanding to translate Walter’s mind to the audiences. Just how many times have we relied on Astrid asking Walter to explain his crazy theories? Initially a supporting player and the butt of a brilliant running joke which is still going today, (Asterisk, Aspirin, Asterix, Ostrich to name but a few) it fast became clear that Astrid was to play an important role in the rehabilitation of Walter’s sanity.
The chemistry created between Jasika Nicole and John Noble is one of the most real within the show itself. Noble’s often frenetic Walter needed someone who cared for him and was much more understanding that Olivia and Peter ever were. Nicole found that role in Astrid, and the producers have since jumped upon it and used it on a weekly basis. There’s no denying her much more paternal attitude to caring for Walter has helped him through many tough times, something with the distant Olivia and the troubled Peter would not have logically followed. Add into that the fact that between them they account for eighty percent of Fringe’s laugh out loud moments, and you will find a partnership which at times is the best Fringe has to offer.
Intelligent, witty, dry and incredibly kind at heart, Astrid has managed to surprise us with her moments of brilliance and add a tear to our hearts in her moments of passion. Who could not deny how her relationship with Walter has strengthened some of Fringe’s weaker entries such as Snakehead. It still remains to be seen whether she has any sort of darker side, her unique and emotionally distanced character in the alternate universe offering a flavour of a world without her care and affection.
She still may not have been given the leading role she deserves, but she has remained a vital and pivotal role in the Fringe universe, and there is no denying that the world would be a darker place without everyone’s favourite lab technician.
-Adam Harris


Fringe is the best show people are not watching live and if there was one way to convince someone to start watching the show I would show them this video because Walter Bishop makes the show. I love all the various elements of the show, the mythology, Olivia, Peter, Astrid, the MOTW episodes, but Walter is the man every week. The acting by John Noble has been nails every episode and he is the one character I would truly miss when the show ends. #WatchFringeLive

*This is a video The ODI found and shared with everyone!
-The ODI





Here's the section dedicated to fans and their endeavors to spread the love for FRINGE, whether it be through a meticulously-crafted fan video, or through a campaign aimed to increase live viewership! Please provide links to any and all fan art, fan campaigns, fan videos, or any other fan-made content that is appropriate and helpful to further the cause of enjoying FRINGE FRIDAYS!

I have a couple videos I made for Fringe, myself! Both are mashups: one is a trailer in the vein of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and the other is a reiteration of the opening credits in the vein of the first primetime tv show I watched (way back when I was 9 years old!) See for yourself, and let me know what you think!
Now, know that I'm not the only one out there who's a fan of FRINGE and the occasional fan video! Here's a couple links to my favorite fan vid homages to FRINGE!

THE X-FRINGE - OPENING CREDITS REDUX (shot for shot, well done, and a favorite!)
FRINGE SEASON 3 TRAILER - (Perfect use of the Inception soundtrack...brilliant footage!)
FRINGE - PILOT TRAILER - (another perfect use of "Mind Heist"...but for the Pilot!)

TODAY, at 7:00 PM EST, FRINGE fans will "cross the line" roughly 2 hours in advance of the new episode "Back to Where You've Never Been..." To be a part of this simply tweet #Crosstheline an hour or so before FRINGE premieres! This will be a grand offense in taking Twitter by storm!

Do you happen to enjoy FRINGE-related graphics and desktop images? Share your favorites here with other FRINGE fans so that we all can benefit from a new wallpaper that shows off our love for FRINGE! If you happen to be someone who makes FRINGE backgrounds, show them off here for us to admire and possibly use!

I have 1 wallpaper I made for season 4, perhaps you have use for it?

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In the last week or so, we as FRINGE fans have been thrown back into the fire for dealing with the likely end of the series mainly due to Kevin Reilly's comments at TCA 2012. Weigh in on the chances for a fifth season of FRINGE and why you believe whether or not FRINGE deserves a fifth season!

Alternatively, you can post anything from just how excited you are to your favorite Olivia-Peter moment. Do you love the special effects as much as I do? Do you continue to lament the exclusion of FRINGE and John Noble from the Emmys? If so, list the reasons in a thought-out comment below! Post anything you want! The whole day is open for your sharing of love for this show and all the wonderful people behind it!


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