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Community - Law & Order homage coming up

After Pop Pop, Dun Dun ! As TVLine reports, an upcoming episode of the benched NBC comedy treasure Community will follow the study group's investigation as they try to find the culprit who sabotaged their biology experiment. The culprit will get caught and go on trial under the Greendale’s Code of Conduct, with Michael K. "Omar" Williams' Professor Kane as judge. This will be a Law & Order homage, and since the longest procedural of all time was on NBC (1990-2010), this episode (named Basic Lupine Urology) will feature the famous Dun dun throughout its 22 minutes.

While Community is on hiatus, let's enjoy NBC's finest tonight with a laugh track-filled hour of Shitney and Are You There Vodka? It's me, Chelsea. Yes, it sickens me too. As Steven Levitan would put it, and that's especially true for Shitney : a laugh track is like the "sound of coyotes eating cats" (he just said that at a TCA panel for ABC comedies, surprisingly Work It and Last Man Standing were not represented).

I miss Community, and this kind of great news makes me miss it even more. I'm gonna watch all 58 episodes a second time until it gets back on the air (this year I'll also watch Arrested Development for the third time, but that's unrelated).

Also, Charley Koontz (Neil) will appear in episode 3.17. Here he is on set next to writer Megan Ganz :

And did you know that Troy and Abed's fort blanket will come back bigger than ever in an upcoming two-part episode (there will be a Civil War on the campus because of that, and John Goodman will appear in those episodes) ? I didn't. I'm happy now. Man, this much awesomeness cannot be put on a shelf, the show needs to get back on the air !