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The Walking Dead - New Interview with Norman Reedus

Congratulations on a great second season of ‘The Walking Dead’ so far.
Norman Reedus: Yeah, thanks. I think after episode 8 it gets even better, to be honest.

Sophia walking out of the barn in the last episode, that was a shocker. Did you know about that all along?
Norman Reedus: We didn’t know that was going to happen. We kind of had an idea, but they give us our scripts just before we shoot. So, we didn’t really know for sure, but we had a good idea that it was going to happen.

You had a suspicion that she was nearby?
Norman Reedus: Yeah, and there was also talk that maybe Merle had her. There was talk that maybe she joined in with another group. There’s always talk about what’s going to happen on our set, but I think we kind of knew that was going to happen.

That scene was very well shot and so emotional.
Norman Reedus: It was emotional. There’s a lot going on there. Hershel’s family was in the barn. They’re let loose. There’s that whole storyline of Hershel watching his family and neighbors being executed when he doesn’t believe that they’re not human anymore. He believes that they’re just sick. There’s the storyline with Carol and realizing that Sophia is now a walker. There’s also the storyline of Rick and Shane, Shane and Rick sort of fighting for power. There’s the storyline with Rick’s wife. There’s a lot going on there.
We shot that, we took a long time shooting that scene and there’s also so many squibs and so many bullets and so much makeup for the walkers. So, there’s a lot going on there. Madison [Lintz] and I got really close on this set. I’m very fond of that girl and we had another storyline going in the beginning of the season where I’m giving her dirty looks a lot. She’s giving me dirty looks a lot. It’s like two little kids who that before they become buddies they glare at each other like they hate each other. I always thought it was funny that it was a little girl doing it with a grown man and he’s acting like a little kid. We had that storyline going. There was a lot going on. Carol really had to bring the noise that day because it’s her daughter and it’s a long day of crying and screaming and running.

Source: Full interview @ Daemon's TV