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The Walking Dead - Interview with an Extra

How did you get involved with The Walking Dead?
A friend of mine that does the costumes for Netherworld, the big haunted house in Atlanta, also did the costumes for the show last season. I asked her if she heard that they needed Zombies for the second season, could she let me know? So one day last spring, I got a message from her and my buddy Hal Clay, that The Walking Dead was looking for “emaciated looking people” for Zombies., and I was like ” uhhh… thanks?”

How many episodes are you in?
I’ve been in 3 episodes that have aired so far, the sixth webisode from FX guru Greg Nicotero, that you can watch on amctv.com, and you’ll see me in the last episode of the season on March 18th.

Whats it like working with Greg Nicotero?
Greg, and all of the Make up/FX guys, (and girl), are some of the COOLEST people I have ever met! I knew that my buddy Jake Walsh was a pretty huge JAWS fan, and so is Greg, so I asked Greg if he would mind talking to Jake if I got him on the phone, and Greg said “Sure, call him up!”

What was the make up process like? How long does it take each time?
It was really cool! It takes an hour or two, depending on the degree of make up you’re getting, if you’re a “Hero Zombie”. If you’re one of the background or mid-range Zombies, it’s either just a mask, or airbrushed make up.

Source: Full interview @ Zombie Cat Productions