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The Walking Dead - Episode 2.13 - Michonne Appearance Rumoured [INCLUDES MAJOR SPOILERS]

An aspiring actor has gone to his tumblr page to announce that he filmed scenes for AMC's The Walking Dead. He spills the beans that his scene involved the fan favorite Michonne.

Dupree R. Stansell a self proclaimed thespian, decided to reveal some major spoilers on his tumblr page, aabdupreerstansell.tumblr.com. After posting the information Dupree apparently realized his mistake and deleted the post, but not before it was scooped up by a few fans of AMC's The Walking Dead.

In his post he reveals that he will be playing one of the two pet zombies for the katana wielding character, Michonne. She is perhaps the coolest character in The Walking Dead series, a huge fan favorite. She has the best introduction, as the first time we see the character she is towing around two zombies on a chain with her trusted sword in hand. The zombies on her metal leash are her boyfriend and his best friend. She has kept herself safe by removing both of their arms, and lower jaws.

Dupree's post doesn't not say which pet walker he'll be playing, nor does it say who played the role of Michonne. But, he does reveal that her big appearance will happen in episode 13 of Season 2, which is the finale. So we won't get to truly get to know the character til season 3.

Here's Dupree's original post:

Hey guys I’m back again with some great news, well not just great but forever changing. I finally got a taste of what it’s like to be a real actor.

The other day I got caste to be an feature extra in the television show “The Walking Dead”. I didn’t know what my role is but I was excited when I found out that I was playing a Michonne Jaw-less Pet Walker. Now those of you who read the magazine know’s what that is. For those of you who don’t, just know it’s a dope charter to the new season three. I will be in episode 13, the season final of season 2. I’m not going to give away too much details, but know it was three hours of make up ($2,000 dollers worth) me shirtless and cold, looking super gory but cool. And a whole lot of taping, running and screaming. Ending in a lobster dinner :).

Being that it went so well. When I move back to Cali I’m getting head shots. Simply because my resume is somewhat compatible with others. So I’m going to freelance in LA signing open contracts and freelance in Atlanta doing what I’m doing now (Thank You Extra Casting Atlanta). My role can turn permanent, and I pray it does. Just if you really care send me prayers and blessings you guys, I dream of acting as a life aspiration. I’m so close, but still far away. - @xoRomeo

Source: ComicBookMovie