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Try our SpoilerTV Safari and Firefox Extensions

Hey all,

Over a year ago we released our very successful SpoilerTV Chrome extension that allows you to always stay up to date on your favourite Shows here at SpoilerTV.

Most SpoilerTV readers, including myself, use the wonderful Google Chrome Browser as its much faster, secure and reliable. We also optimize the site for Google Chrome.

Now I know that a lot of people also use Firefox and Safari so today we're launching our first version of the SpoilerTV Extension/Addon for Firefox and Safari.

Firefox User Download
Safari User Download

The extension is nowhere near as sophisticated as our Chrome Extension but we hope to add features in the future that will bring it close to the Chrome version

The Extension will alert you when there is new content on the site no matter what page you have open in your browser.

You will see a little orange B icon along with the number that shows the new articles

Click on this will reveal a popup that shows the most recent articles.

You can even bookmark articles by clicking on the "Star". These will be available in your Bookmarks Tab of the extension.

Chrome Users can download the Chrome version here

Any questions/problems please don't hesitate in asking in the comments below or simply let us know what you think

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