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Supernatural - Analyzing the Winter Promo + Theories

Hey, fellow hunters!

Almost a day passed since Supernatural's fall finale, which was one of the most touching in the series, and of Jim Beaver's best performances, IMO. Although the ending made me a bit upset (Leaving Bobby's fate hanging twice in a row?), the episode was still awesome (You can't go wrong with Rufus). Now we have to wait a whole freakin' month till our boys are back, so I decided to do analyze the promo of things to come.

First of all, though I'm sure you all saw it, the promo:

Now let's see what we got here...

JUST TO BE CLEAR - All of this is my speculation, nothing is official or confirmed. Some things are safe to assume, but that doesn't mean they're 100% true.

00:01 & 00:06 - (Is that the Impala?!) Pretty general, could be from any of the episodes.

00:04-00:05 - Judging by Dean's clothes, it's safe to assume he's the one going back in time in episode 12. Also, notice that yellow sign behind him, since it's shown a couple of times.

00:05 - Sam standing next to a metal gate with some mark on it.

00:07 - The guys kicking the door and Dean shooting is from the time travel ep

00:08 - Some kind of monster is attacking Sam (next to the gate from before)

00:08 - Time travel episode - Someone is grabbing Dean (Eliot Ness?)

00:09 - Dick shooting Bobby from HTWFAIM.

00:09 - Sam shielding from something (Yellow sign from earlier in the background)

00:10 - More Dean from time-traveling episode

00:11 - Someone in a zoot suit grabbing a homeless man, with both their faces glowing red

00:11 - Two females (I think the black-haired one is also a female) standing over an unconscious Sam.

00:12 - Sam thrusting an unknown person

00:12- Dean (I think) jumping (Yellow sign again).

00:13-00:15 - Could be from any episode (But not from the one in the beginning of the promo. The colors of Dean's jacket are different).

00:16 - A female monster (Vampire?) biting Sam.

OK, theory time:

- The scenes with the yellow sign are most likely taking place in the time-travel episode. But when we see Dean standing there at the beginning of the promo he's wearing different clothes than those when he jumps at the end (The black straps are gone). Is that the spot where he's being sent to the past \ back to the present?

- Also, can anyone make any words on that yellow sign? I could only make out 'Pacific' at 00:09 as the first word in the black part.

- Now Sam - That metal gate thing might be the back of a truck, 'cause you can see at 00:11 that he's lying between two trucks. I think that blonde monster chick attacks him at a truck stop or a factory or something, he tries to fight back with a knife, but she knocks him out. (You can see a knife on the floor at 00:11).

- About the black-haired woman standing next to the blonde - Is she the one who bites Sam at the end? maybe, but that's not the same scene as 00:11, 'cause she doesn't have the jeans jacket on.

- The time-travel episode - the scenes seem too random to make anything from them, except maybe that Dean's having a blast. However, it was said that Eliot Ness will turn out to be a hunter. I strongly believe that the guy who's grabbing the homeless man at 00:11 is some kind of life-sucking monster that Dean and Eliot will hunt.

- Last but not least, the Dick footage - I saw some speculations around the web that in the time-travel episode, the boys will go back and try to save Bobby from being shot. Quite possible, but it will kinda ruin the recent post-shooting touching episode's drama, wouldn't it?

Well, that's all I can get from this one. We'll probably be wiser when new ep synopses \ promos show up. What do you think?

Here's to a fast hellatius (Only a month to wait!), and I hope the new year's episodes will be as awesome as they look.

See ya!

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