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STV Best of 2011 TV Awards - The Winners Announced!

Hey Guys,

So the world of television is another year older, and in 2011 there have been many, many highlights, talking points and interests that have defined a year where new shows are challenging the old guard in terms of quality, scope, style and value. There's no denying that this year has been good for television!

So you firstly nominated which shows would make the final competition, then you voted in your thousands to decide who should be the winners of each category. Those winners have now been decided!!

I have to say not every category has gone the way I hoped, although some have gone the way I expected. Regardless, these shows have captured the STV audience and as a result have taken home the top prizes in the second STV End of Year Awards!

The Winners

1. Supernatural 48.49%
2. Castle 19.49%
3. Fringe 18.77%
4. Game of Thrones 6.1%
5. Breaking Bad 4.86%
6. The Walking Dead 2.3%

1. The Big Bang Theory 32.02%
2. How I Met Your Mother 26.31%
3. Community 19.01%
4. Modern Family 14.04%
5. New Girl 8.61%

1. The Vampire Diaries - "As I Lay Dying" 38.93%
2. Supernatural - "Death's Door" 24.7%
3. Castle - "Kill Shot" 17.24%
4. Fringe - "And Those We Left Behind" 10.72%
5. Game of Thrones - "Baelor" 5.15%
6. House MD - "20 Vicodin" 3.26%

1. Once Upon A Time 35.92%
2. Game of Thrones 22.49%
3. American Horror Story 13.63%
4. New Girl 11.63%
5. Person of Interest 8.24%
6. Homeland 8.1%

1. Jensen Ackles for Supernatural 51.65%
2. Nathan Fillion for Castle 26.19%
3. Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad 14.36%
4. Jim Parsons for The Big Bang Theory 4.36%
5. Damien Lewis for Homeland 3.24%

1. Stana Katic for Castle 49.16%
2. Anna Torv for Fringe 28.84%
3. Jennifer Morrison for Once Upon A Time 7.07%
4. Sarah Michelle Geller for Ringer 6.81%
5. Claire Danes for Homeland 5.17%
6. Zooey Deschanel for New Girl 2.93%

1. Jim Beaver for Supernatural 45.29%
2. John Noble for Fringe 36.37%
3. Jayne Lynch for Glee 7.25%
4. Candice Accola for The Vampire Diaries 7.11%
5. Norman Reedus for The Walking Dead 3.98%

1. Bryan Spicer for Castle - "Cops & Robbers" 30.14%
2. David Boreanaz for Bones - "The Blackout in the Blizzard" 27.98%
3. Alan Taylor for Game of Thrones - "Baelor" 17.82%
4. Ernest Dickerson & Gwyneth Horder-Payton for The Walking Dead - "What Lies Ahead" 13.07%
5. Vince Galligan for Breaking Bad - "Face Off" 10.99%

1. Andrew Marlow for Castle - "Rise" 54.01%
2. Ben Edlund for Supernatural - "The Man Who Would Be King" 23.34%
3. Jeff Pinkner & J.H.Wyman for Fringe - "The Day We Died" 14.9%
4. Steven Moffat for Doctor Who - "Let's Kill Hitler" 4.01%
5. Vince Galligan for Breaking Bad - "Face Off" 3.75%

1. Bones 26.8%
2. Criminal Minds 24.83%
3. NCIS 23.45%
4. Psych 13.14%
5. Person of Interest 11.77%

1. House MD 38.09%
2. Grey's Anatomy 35.82%
3. Body of Proof 13.13%
4. Royal Pains 8.43%
5. Private Practice 4.54%

1. Game of Thrones 26.62%
2. Homeland 17.24%
3. Dexter 16.72%
4. Breaking Bad 15.02%
5. The Walking Dead 14.16%
6. True Blood 10.24%

1. The Voice 23.05%
2. Dancing With The Stars 22.94%
3. The X Factor USA 21.71%
4. The Amazing Race 21.3%
5. Masterchef USA 11.01%

1. ABC 33.89%
2. Fox 25.41%
3. HBO 24.39%
4. CBS 10.74%
5. Showtime 5.58%

1. John Noble for Fringe - 43.03%
2. Emily Deschanel for Bones - 18.42%
3. Zachary Levi for Chuck - 17.89%
4. Simon Baker for The Mentalist 12.5%
5. Matt Smith for Doctor Who 8.16%

1. LOST 41.94%
2. Lie To Me 21.08%
3. 24 16.88%
4. Cougar Town 10.97%
5. Mad Men 9.14%

1. Alcatraz 45.02%
2. Awake 18.13%
3. The Finder 14.8%
4. Smash 11.08%
5. Touch 10.98%

Show Wins
Castle 3
Supernatural 3
Alcatraz 1
Bones 1
Fringe 1
Game of Thrones 1
House MD 1
Once Upon A Time 1
The Big Bang Theory 1
The Vampire Diaries 1
The Voice 1

And that is a wrap from me, Adam D.Harris, and the STV Best of 2011 Awards...

I hope you enjoyed playing, discussing and joining in, and I look forward to spending 2012 with you all discussing our favourite shows, actors and actresses, as well as seeing what new shows come and what beloved shows depart.

There's one thing we should always remember. TV is escapism.

When escapism is good, well, I know I'll be back!

Based on this year...

See you all in 2012!

Any questions, queries, freakouts or any other form of issues you can email me at adamdharris@spoilertv.com

Twitter: @AdDHarris

Hope everyone enjoys a fantastic December...

Don't forget to comment below with your thoughts...

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