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STV Best of 2011 TV Awards - Day Three - Best TV Episode, Most Anticipated TV Show Of 2012 & Best New TV Show

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Hey Guys,

On the second day of voting, there were a few surprises in store, with some shows over performing my personal expectations, whilst others have failed to impress anywhere near the levels you would expect! It has made for a day of voting where the three winners all won by a comfortable margin...

As a result, it has become clearer that whoever you support, you need to be spreading the word amongst fans to be voting for them too, or you could find several big STV shows going home empty handed come the final results!

Today sees three tough to call polls, with firstly the six most nominated TV episodes for 2011 battling it out. Shows such as Castle, Supernatural, Fringe and House all see more recent episodes nominated for the title, whilst Vampire Diaries and Game of Thrones are episodes from the first half of the year! Who will win? That is to be decided now!

Secondly we have the most anticipated TV show of 2012 poll, with five shows set to air not too far into the new year battling it out for a chance to claim their first STV award before they have begun!

Finally, six shows which began in 2011 are battling it out in the Best New TV Show category, with a wide range of shows hoping to take home that crown!

This is it. The final competition of 2011 continues.

Let the battle commence!

Best TV Episode

Most Anticipated TV Show of 2012

Best New TV Show

Any questions, queries, freakouts or any other form of issues you can email me at

Twitter: @AdDHarris

Hope everyone enjoys a fantastic December...

Don't forget to comment below with your votes for the day...

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