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Person of Interest - Kevin Chapman Interview

CBS’s freshman hit Person of Interest (TV) is off to a great start. When enigmatic billionaire Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) builds the mother of all Big Brother machines to spy on everything from phone calls to emails in order to suss out threats to national security, the “irrelevant list” of every day tragedies starts to weigh on his soul. Enter John Reese (James Caviezel), a man with a very specific skill set whom Finch needs to help “stop crimes before they happen” and save people on that irrelevant list based on the Machine’s information.

Kevin Chapman’s work runs the spectrum from The Boondock Saints (1999) and Ladder 49 (2004) to Mystic River (2003), as well as a whole host of TV series, such as Cold Case (TV), Brotherhood (TV) and Rescue Me (TV).

He was happy to chat with Popstar about his latest role as Detective Lionel Fusco, the troubled cop that Reese utilizes – sometimes squeezes – for information in the police department and to keep tabs on how close the dogged Det. Carter (Taraji Henson) is to catching up with them.
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