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Hell on Wheels - Q&A with Ben Esler & Phil Burke

Q: So far you two are always on camera together. You must have gotten to know each other pretty well!
Phil: I feel like we got to know each other well before we got to know anyone else, right?
Ben: Even after the pilot, we were always sort of talking back and forth and swapping calls, wishing each other happy Groundhog's Day and stuff.
Phil: I've been a master fan of Ben Esler ever since The Pacific. It was one of my dreams to work with this gentleman -- and let me tell you, it's nothing but peaches and cream.

Q: Can you each reveal one thing about the other they wouldn't want people to know?
Phil: Should we talk about the zombie thing, Ben, or do we not want anyone to know that?
Ben: Go for it.
Phil: Ben is incredibly afraid of zombies.

Q: He's lucky he's not on The Walking Dead!
Phil: No, but this is the thing. He's so entranced with zombies, it's like he's kind of driven towards them and averted at the same time. His heart almost wants to be with the zombies, but his head can't really deal with it.

Source: Full Q&A @ AMC